Snow squalls threaten Monday morning commute in southern Ontario

Snow squalls threaten Monday morning commute in southern Ontario

Snow squalls are likely to develop across parts of southern Ontario during the day Monday, threatening dangerous travel conditions across areas downwind from Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

Plan ahead for potential delays on Monday, avoiding travel in the affected areas if possible, and staying on guard for rapidly changing conditions if you have to drive through the traditional snowbelts.

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Southern Ontario Monday morning precip
Southern Ontario Monday morning precip

Southern Ontario enjoyed an unseasonably warm start to the weekend, with readings climbing into the mid-teens for some areas before winds shifted and sent temperatures crashing back to reality by Sunday.

Those cold northwesterly winds will give rise to snow squalls blowing off of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay beginning Monday morning and continuing through the day.

Forecasters expect several squalls to develop off Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, with periods of heavy snow and gusty winds for communities southeast of the water. The hardest-hit areas could see 5-15 cm of wind-blown snow by Tuesday morning.

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Southern Ontario snowfall totals
Southern Ontario snowfall totals

Gusty winds of 40-50 km/h will lead to severely reduced visibility at times, which will make travel dangerous or nearly impossible during periods of steady snowfall.

The nature of snow squalls means that conditions will rapidly change over short distances, with sunny skies giving way to a near-whiteout in mere moments.

As with the last snow squall event, there will be a risk for a couple bursts of snow across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but the region is still tapping its foot in anticipation of the first major snowfall of the year.

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