Let Donald Trump’s army of diehards freak out. The nation demands justice | Opinion

At long last

Finally, after a lifetime of really bad behavior, Donald Trump is facing accountability — and the army of diehards who support him go deeply unhinged.

Liar, cheat, bully, coward: His most obvious character traits were glaring, yet they still nominated him and supported his acts, some of which smacked of treason.

He had Stormy Daniels paid money to silence her about an extramarital affair so that news of it would not derail his 2016 campaign. He obviously thought it would make a difference. Those closest to him, including Rudy Giuliani, have admitted the payoff plainly, including on Fox News’ “The Sean Hannity Show.”

We hope this is just the beginning for this long overdue filleting — and there are charges looming for attempted election fraud in Georgia, for possession of top-secret documents at Mar-a-Lago and perhaps for the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection.

Indict, prosecute, convict, imprison: This is what Trump deserves and the country needs.

- Tracy Leonard, Kansas City

A Royal dud

The 2015 World Series champion shirts are cracked and faded. View-level seats are bleached from the sun, as is the advertisement in right field. The roof of the press box is water-stained. The field is pristine, but there was a general air of faded glory in the surrounding stands on the first day of baseball season at Kauffman Stadium.

The lines were long: parking lot, stadium entrance, concessions, restrooms. The parking system in disarray. The first two innings missed. Concession machines broken. Peanut shells lingering from the previous season.

Were the Royals prepared for this opening day? Was any effort made to spruce up The K? Or was this the team leadership’s way of trying to convince us that a downtown stadium would be better?

How would a crowd of this size function in downtown? Not well, in my estimation. And we lost the game.

I’ve never before attended opening day, but the general chaos and lack of preparation by the organization made it one of the least enjoyable baseball games I’ve ever been to. Give me any other day of the season, but I never want to attend opening day again.

- Brianna Westervelt, Kansas City

Not about age

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Rose Bowl, Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium in L.A. are all older than The K. The only reason Kansas City Royals ownership wants a new stadium is to generate more revenue.

A better way to do that is to field a wining team.

- Joseph Gray, Kansas City

Take a count

I was reading through the Gun Violence Archive website to find out why it chose to define a mass shooting as involving a minimum of four victims who are injured or killed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines mass killing as having at least three victims.

I assume that if the FBI would increase its minimum number, then the Gun Violence Archive would follow suit. Republican politicians might focus on raising this minimum to reduce the number of official mass shootings and then call it crime fighting.

- Jim Turner, Independence

Not our voice

I don’t have the words to describe how embarrassed I am to have Josh Hawley representing me in the U.S. Senate. He is a self-serving, lying hypocrite who cares only about climbing the political ladder. Missouri is overrun with his kind of politician.

Those of us who live in Missouri are used to our representatives in Jefferson City going against the will of the people. We vote on issues, and when they pass the first thing the General Assembly does is to pass laws to circumvent our vote.

It’s time we Missourians start really looking at the candidates we vote for. Too often, people vote a party line and not the person running, or we vote for the same politicians no matter how bad they are because that’s who we have always voted for and it’s easier than actually taking a hard look at candidates and what they stand for.

There has got to be more to the United States of America than being able to carry weapons that can kill dozens of people in seconds. If not, we as a nation are surely doomed.

- Karen Bonner, Kansas City

We need KanCare

As a retired advanced registered nurse practitioner, I support Medicaid expansion through KanCare because rural hospitals are in dire need of support. Driving for hours for care should not be the accepted standard of care in Kansas.

The people of Kansas want KanCare expansion. Why won’t the Legislature talk about it?

- Susan J. Osborn, Mission

Ditch the PC

At last, a few universities are reclaiming their status as fortresses of free inquiry and free speech, realizing that political correctness is only a prescription for tyranny. No one has any right to tell the rest of us what to think or what we cannot say. Freedom of speech is infinitely more valuable than anyone’s hurt feelings.

- Donald Hoffmann, Kansas City

Pick of the litter

Over the years, I have read several letters to the editor in which area residents complain about the litter on our streets and highways. I agree that it looks awful and reflects poorly on our cities.

You know what I do? Each day, when I go for my walk, I don gloves, carry a trash bag or two and a special grabbing tool (available at hardware stores) and pick up the trash. I also wave and talk to my neighbors.

My neighbors are wonderful folks. They thank me all the time and sometimes give me homemade treats.

- Brian Colgan, Olathe