Levain Bakery Workers Personalize Pastry Bags for Regular Customer Every Day — Check Out 'the Don Bag'

The customer, named Don, has been going to the New York City-based bake shop for years, Levain Bakery tells PEOPLE

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Levain Bakery.

Talk about customer appreciation!

Levain Bakery — a sweets shop located in New York City — recently shared a post on TikTok, in which they detailed how they personalize pastry bags for a regular customer, named Don, who stops by the establishment every day.

"Every day we have a regular named Don that comes into our 74th St. bakery for a whole wheat walnut raisin roll, so the team always tries to make a little something special for him on the pastry bag," Levain Bakery wrote over the clip.

In the video, various bags crafted for Don flash across the screen, including one of a sheep holding a rainbow umbrella and another of a giant blue smiley face with "Have a nice day" written across the top.

"Taking ideas for the next Don bag ⬇️," Levain Bakery wrote in its caption.

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In a statement to PEOPLE, Mathew Reed, a "Cookie Lead" at a Levain Bakery Manhattan location, details when the group started creating the crafty bags for Don.

“When we reopened from the pandemic back in 2021, we first learned about Don. This was our first time hearing about Don and his daily visits. We were told that he would come every day, mostly in the mornings, to purchase one whole wheat walnut raisin roll," he says.

"At first, the bags were not drawn on, he was just another one of our regulars. This was until the team got to know him more, learning how he is an artist and his love for Levain," Reed continues.

He adds: "Eventually, after a month or two we decided to set aside the roll in a bag with his name on it, which turned into little messages and eventually into the more elaborate decorated bags he gets today.”

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Levain Bakery.

According to Reed, the act of creating the bags for Don was "a team effort." He notes, "The team enjoys creating the decorated bags as much as Don does receiving them."

“Don is always delighted with the theme bags. We would always connect with him on the bag’s design, and he always showcases excitement with them," Reed continues. "He will sometimes ask who drew the bag so he can personally thank that team member."

Don, meanwhile, tells PEOPLE that he is a big fan of the pastry bags that he has received over the years.

“I love them! I am a lover of art. I got my degree in painting from the College of Visual Arts," he says. "I have kept so many of the bags I like at home.”

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Levain Bakery.

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Speaking about what makes Don a phenominal customer, Reed says, "Don is just so easygoing. It’s always lovely to chat with Don and hear about his day."

"He would frequently tell us about what it was like coming into Levian back in the day and how vastly the neighborhood has changed," he continues. "He is always respectful and we admire his commitment to coming to the bakery every day."

Reed adds, "The bags are our way of thanking him for being so loyal through all these years.”

The employee also tells PEOPLE that Don maintains a great attitude, even on days when the Levain staff is unable to craft a custom bag.

"As the themed bags are more frequent nowadays, he comes in always with a sense of anticipation of what the bag will look like. There are days in which we are too busy to make a bag, but this doesn’t bother Don at all. He is the best regular we could’ve asked for — honestly," he says.

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