Lexus TX teased as new three-row SUV to be revealed soon

Big news in the world of Lexus SUVs is coming soon, as Lexus teased a new TX model today. We’ve known another three-row Lexus SUV has been in the works, and we even knew it was going to be called TX, but today marks our first look at the vehicle.

The recently revealed Toyota Grand Highlander is expected to serve as the base of this Lexus TX, as it paves the way for a properly spacious third row and respectable cargo space. That’s something the Lexus RX L never had. Of course, Lexus sells the GX and LX, too, but those are body-on-frame SUVs, while the TX will be a more traditional unibody three-row crossover with the refinement and car-like qualities that come with such a design.

This teaser shows us a long SUV with a straight roofline, a slightly angled rear window and strong body lines. There’s a distinctive kick-up as the body traces its way back to the rearmost window, and the fender cladding is done up in body color, emphasizing this model’s on-road purpose. Some LED taillights stretch around into the rear fender, and that’s about it for notable items to point out. The sheer size of the rear end suggests ample space in the third row and cargo area, but we’ll see about that once we get to lay eyes on the new SUV.

Lexus didn’t provide a reveal date in its teaser, but we expect that the big day is coming soon, perhaps as soon as next week.

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