Liam Gallagher Says ‘F— the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ After Oasis Nomination: ‘It’s All a Load of Bollox’

Anyone imagining that a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction could be the thing that finally bring the Gallagher brothers together for an Oasis reunion has been disabused of that notion by Liam Gallagher. The singer posted a series of social media messages expressing his contempt for the institution, along with some ongoing disdain for his brother, Noel.

He also directed what may be read as sarcasm at fellow nominee Mariah Carey, saying that she “smashed it” and is more deserving of a Rock Hall induction than his band.

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“Fuck the Rock n Roll hall of fame its full of BUMBACLARTS,” Gallagher wrote in his typical syntax on X (formerly Twitter), in reaction to the Saturday announcement that Oasis is one of 15 nominees for the hall’s class of 2024.

If inducted, he won’t be attending the ceremony in Cleveland this fall, he indicated — but he’s sure his brother will show up. “The little fella loves hanging out with celebrities so he’d prob go; as for me I’m washing my hair and having a pedicure and a manicure.”

Gallagher posted some of his comments in response to a devotee who was worried that Oasis was already far behind in the publicly visible fan vote (which collectively counts for just a tiny fraction of the overall Rock Hall vote). “Oasis fans, our favourite band is nominated n we r losing stratospherically bc it’s mostly Americans voting,” posted the concerned fan.

Responded Gallagher, “Don’t waste your time… as much as it’s appreciated it’s all a load of bollox.”

When a fan wrote, “Oasis deserves to be recognized for their impact and achievements,” Gallagher responded, “Not as much as Mariah she smashed it.” Given that both Gallagher brothers have been protective of what they see as being true rock ‘n’ roll, he may not have been entirely serious with his professed admiration, although he maintains enough plausible deniability to avoid coming under attack from her lambs.

When another fan posted a ranking of the fan vote showing Oasis in dead last place — with 11,500 votes, in contrast to the leading 22,000 registered for Ozzy Osbourne at the time — he quipped, “Doing well I think.”

“I don’t need some wank award by some geriatric in a cowboy hat,” he further explained.

Although other artists have expressed doubts about their nominations and then been voted in anyway — most recently Dolly Parton, who eventually embraced the idea of being inducted — Gallagher’s clear hostility could have more of a suppressive effect on voting among the Hall’s 1,000-plus electors.

Noel Gallagher has not weighed in thus far with his own reaction, or whether he would indeed attend the ceremony to mingle with celebrities, as Liam maintains. Although Noel can be as irascible, combative and quotable as his brother, he doesn’t do it on social media, as his more benign X account is maintained by his label.

Foremost among the things the brothers have fought about from afar is whether Oasis should reunite. Liam has made it clear for years that he is in favor of getting back together, despite their disputes, while Noel has nixed the idea at every turn.

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