Libs of TikTok Creator Claims ‘Not All Cultures Are Equal’

YouTube/Taylor Lorenz
YouTube/Taylor Lorenz

Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik, known for peddling unfounded conspiracy theories and transphobia, claimed in a new interview that “not all cultures are equal.”

In a painful, agonizing interview with journalist Taylor Lorenz, Raichik seemingly expressed a belief in the Great Replacement Theory and blasted “wokeness,” said that transgenderism is “based on lies and nonsense,” and gave her take on removing books from public school libraries—a move that she vehemently claimed is not a book ban.

Sitting across from Lorenz while wearing a T-shirt with an apparent image of Lorenz gagging, Raichik claimed that immigrants are pouring into the U.S. who “want to destroy America” and “don’t stand for what America stands for.”

“We see it time after time, after time, after time,” Raichik said. “They come in, they’re destroying our cities, they bring crime with them, and they are bringing them in to replace us. I think people from various countries, you know, they’re all different.”

Lorenz attempted to relate immigration back to Raichik and her own family coming from Europe as Jewish immigrants.

“I’m just wondering as a Jewish woman, sort of, how you feel about… your role in cultivating this fanbase that might think of you as a minority, an outsider?”

“Not all cultures are created equal,” Raichik said in a deadpan tone.

Oklahoma City Councilor Sean Cummings (D) this week blasted Raichik for stoking anti-LGBTQ+ hatred in her home state after Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old non-binary student died a day after a Feb. 7 fight in the girls’ bathroom at at Owasso High School in suburban Tulsa.

“This [transgenderism] lie cannot be mainstream in our society,” the vehement Donald Trump supporter repeatedly argued.

The self-proclaimed “independent journalist” also dove into alleged porn being given to students in public schools and how she’d prefer for sexual education to be completely removed.

“They’re giving kids porn and telling third graders that they should masturbate,” Raichik said. “They’re giving middle school children guides to gay sex, anal sex, sex toys.”

Raichik never explained who “they” were or the schools where students were allegedly taught about sexual pleasure rather than sexual health. The social media personality also tried to make a dig at Lorenz. First, she questioned the reporter for not having a blue check on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, and asked if it negatively impacted her ability to make money. She also tried to insinuate there was some blame on Lorenz’s part for people sending Raichik death threats. But Lorenz repeatedly denounced calls for violence.

After talking in circles for nearly an hour, deflecting, and answering questions with her own set of questions, said she didn’t have “much else” planned except to continue trolling “mainstream media.”

“I’ll just continue making fun of the media, like I do best,” she said.

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