Likely Fiat 500X replacement caught in new spy photos

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Fiat is testing a new baby crossover that will likely be the replacement for the 500X crossover. The 500X never set the American market on fire despite its attractive styling and nimble handling, sadly, and suffice it to say that Fiat noticed. It's likely we won't see whatever this is come stateside, at least not in the near-term. Fiat has made it clear that its future in America is limited to the electric 500e in all of its (yet to be enumerated) forms. Those who want a baby Fiat crossover will have to settle for Jeep's more rugged interpretation of the same platform, the Renegade, which seems to sell well enough to justify its continued existence even in Europe, where they've made an even smaller one they're calling "Avenger."

As you can see above, this prototype screams "500X;" The ride height and proportions are dead-on. It's expected to be sold with both ICE and EV powertrains initially, but if previous Fiat efforts are any indication (the current 500X went into production in 2007; the 500x in 2014), it could very well remain in circulation long enough to still be on the market when Europe's mandate for 100% electric new-vehicle sales kicks in in 2035. That means we're likely to see the petroleum-based models phased out over the course of its lifespan.

It might seem premature to dismiss this new model as a Europe-only venture considering that the car it is expected to replace (500X) was itself branded as an offshoot of the 500. Could we not see a 500Xe? Well, that train goes off the rails in the face of information provided by our spy photographer, who says this is likely to be sold as a revival of the long-departed Fiat 600 nameplate, rather than the 500. A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but a model number starting with a "6" appears to be where Fiat has chosen to draw the line, at least for now.

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