Lily Allen wants to be buried with her phone so no-one sees her porn search history: 'It gets dark!'

Lily Allen wants to be buried with her phone so no one will see her Internet porn search history.

The 38-year-old singer-turned-actress - who was previously married to Sam Cooper, 46, with whom she has children Ethel, 11, and nine-year-old Marnie - revealed that when she gets some alone time, she likes to hunt for adult videos and doesn't want anyone to see out the "dark" content she has been looking at after she has gone.

Speaking on the 'Where There's a Will, There's a Wake' podcast, she admitted: "Probably my phone. My Google search history. My porn search history - Saturday night when the kids are at their dad's, that porn trajectory.

"It always starts quite... unassuming... maybe a bit of shoplifting and security guard. That kind of thing. And then it gets kind of dark. We'll leave it at that because I really don't want anyone to know!

"Put it in my fancy coffin. All of my Apple devices as well, my body's not even in there, it's just full of devices!"

Meanwhile, the 'Smile' hitmaker - who is now married to 49-year-old 'Stranger Things' actor David Harbour - is planning to leave "everything" to her children when she dies, including a secret engagement ring that she had made to replace the one her first husband bought her when she had decided his diamond wasn't big enough.

She said: "I'm just gonna have to give everything to my kids, split down the middle I think. When my first husband proposed to me, he gave me a very lovely diamond ring that, at the time, I didn't feel was big enough.

"And so I had an exact replica made of it with a bigger diamond, central diamond, and I never told him. So I'd wear it and he'd catch it sparkling and go 'Didn't I do well?', it was like, 'No, I did!' But I had two children with that man, thank you, Sam, so when I die they've both got the ring that I had from their dad. They'll get everything. Once they've paid their inheritance tax, there's no plan for them to dodge that thank you!"