Lip Reader Reveals Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan's Cute Banter on the 'Bridgerton' Red Carpet

Lip Reader Reveals Luke & Nicola's Cute BanterJohn Phillips - Getty Images

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan's chemistry on the Bridgerton press tour is almost as electric as their chemistry on the show itself. To the point where fans are convinced they're dating (they aren't). And thanks to TikTok lip reader @tismejackieg, we have a glimpse at their vibes off camera. Actually, technically on-camera since this footage is from a red carpet, but they're talking just to each other and it's all very 🥹.

In this video from the London premiere of Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2, Nicola allegedly asks Luke "Are you freaking out?" and then hides her face behind her hand to ask "Do I have anything in my teeth," to which he replies (after doing a quick check) "No, I don't think so."

Plus, we have this video of the pair in Galway, which features Nicola asking Luke "come meet my mom?" They're then seeing walking up to Nicola's mom, at which point Nicola says "okay Luke, step right over here," and he proceeds to give her a huge hug. Oh, and in response to something Nicola's mom says, Luke replies "of course, well thanks for making her kind."


FYI, Luke and Nicoloa are expected to return for Bridgerton Season 4, and Luke even joked to E! News, saying "Maybe we can be the comedy duo of next season. because we really enjoyed the rom-com element of this year."

The on-screen couple are also listed on IMDb's official cast page for Season 4, just in case you need more reassurance!

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