Lisa and Brian returned for 'The Ultimatum' season 2 reunion — and shared a major life update

  • Jelisa "Lisa" Horne and Brian Okoye's relationship was featured on season two of Netflix's "The Ultimatum."

  • Despite a tumultuous early exit from the show, the couple appeared during the reunion.

  • Here's where Lisa and Brian ended up — spoilers ahead for "The Ultimatum" season two.

Jelisa "Lisa" Horne and Brian Okoye's relationship is one of the more captivating couplings shown on season two of Netflix's "The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On."

Lisa was the one to issue the ultimatum to Brian, and things quickly got testy between the two by the end of the first episode. After watching Brian engage in a flirtatious conversation with Riah, a fellow contestant who was issued the ultimatum by her boyfriend, Lisa interrupts and takes Brian outside to chat. The argument between Lisa and Brian devolves to the point where Lisa strikes Brian across the face, criticizes Riah's intelligence and job, and seemingly breaks off their relationship for good.

At the end of episode two, however, host Nick Lachey delivers a bombshell to the remaining couples: Lisa is pregnant, and she and Brian are leaving the "experiment," as the show is referred to. Aside from a brief conversation between Lisa and Brian shown during episode three, viewers don't see any more of the couple for the remainder of the first eight episodes. But the two returned for the reunion episode, which aired Wednesday, and gave fans an update on their relationship.

Are Lisa and Brian still together — and did Lisa have her baby?

Like most other couples from season two of "The Ultimatum," Lisa and Brian kept their relationship status largely under wraps since the season ended. Lisa's Instagram shows no signs of her pregnancy or a newborn baby, and neither does Brian's.

But the couple confirmed during the reunion episode that they are, in fact, still together, and are committed to being great parents to their new baby boy, named Mason. They didn't indicate when their son was born or how old he is.

Lisa also shared an Instagram apology for her actions on the season the same day the reunion episode was released, revealing that she and Brian are still working on their relationship in counseling.

"I would like to apologize to my fellow cast members, family and friends who were affected by my words and actions on the show. I have apologized to both Brian and Riah privately and now I am doing so publicly. To Riah, I apologize for any hurtful words that I used to describe you," Lisa began, adding: "No one should be judged based on their age or place of employment, and I believe in empowering women from all walks of life."

She noted that she and Brian were facing significant challenges as a couple before they came onto the show, and that the unexpected pregnancy news also complicated matters.

"While this does not excuse my behavior, I also extend my apologies to Brian for any aggression I displayed toward him as I do not condone violence of any kind. While I've never publicly or privately displayed those kinds of actions, I understand that my behavior reflected poorly on myself, our relationship, and the show," Lisa wrote.

The new mother concluded: "Reality TV is an opportunity to showcase our lives and personalities, but that doesn't excuse hurtful actions. As Brian and I continue with relationship counseling and nurturing our growing family, I have been committed to learning and growing from this experience by taking steps to improve my own reactions and relationship triggers."

The same day, Brian shared his own message on Instagram, which began "love wins" and appears to also confirm that the two are still together post-reunion filming.

"When you're committed to the journey and you're locked in on the destination you'll inevitably be faced with trials & tribulations along the way," he wrote. "It's never about the adversity itself that you're faced with but rather how you overcome it..together."

Brian's post also appeared to address some of the backlash Lisa has faced from the public over her actions on the season before concluding that the two are ready to move on from their time on "The Ultimatum."

"In this life the greatness of your heart, which extends beyond this universe, can be overshadowed by the shortcomings of your humanly actions," he continued. "Those who recognize that aren't quick to judge but are faster to lend a hand. Those are the people who will endure the journey with you. This experience has been one for the books but it's time to turn the page."

All 10 episodes of "The Ultimatum" season two are currently streaming on Netflix.

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