'Not good enough': Lisa LaFlamme supporters aren't happy with Micheal Melling's CTV News reassignment

CTV News has faced widespread backlash since the abrupt termination of the long-time female anchor

Many are questioning the abrupt termination of longtime CTV anchor Lisa LaFlamme after a new memo revealed that former vice president of news at Bell Media, Michael Melling, has been permanently replaced.

"Michael Melling has been reassigned to VP Shared Services, and will not be returning to CTV's news operations," read an internal memo from Bell Media. Richard Gray, Interim VP, has been assigned to Melling's role on a permanent basis.

After LaFlamme's termination, Melling received backlash and was accused of sexism and ageism in the role of the shakeup.

Since the release of the memo, many are wondering why Melling was reassigned to a new role instead of getting fired like Lisa LaFlamme was. People are also questioning whether this means Lisa LaFlamme would be returning to CTV News.

Audiences aren't happy with CTV's decision