'This is completely unacceptable': Unusually priced chicken breast in Loblaws draws backlash from consumers

Loblaws says the poultry was part of their 'premium' President's Choice "Free From" chicken line

Loblaws chicken breast pricing draws outrage

A picture of high-priced chicken at a Loblaws store in Toronto drew a lot of attention recently on Twitter and has left many consumers confused and angry.

CTV News Toronto Queen's Park reporter Siobhan Morris tweeted a photo of a five-pack of poultry, being sold at a Toronto Loblaws for $27/kg on Tuesday. The tweet has been viewed by more than 3.4 million people.

Many people joined in and called out Loblaws and CEO Galen Weston for setting ridiculously high prices during inflation.

Even Member of Parliament, Michael Coteau, called the price "unacceptable".

"There is no way Loblaws can justify this?" he tweeted.

Shortly after, Morris tweeted that Loblaws confirmed to her in a statement that the chicken was priced correctly and that the chicken was a club pack of "premium" poultry—described as President's Choice Free From Chicken.

The "PC FF" on the label indicates its premium quality, the company said.

“The price per kilo is in line with, if not cheaper than, competitor pricing for similar premium products. Beyond the Free From line, we offer customers a variety of quality poultry at various price points,” the statement on CTV News read.

Nonetheless, the exorbitant high price has drawn major criticism and backlash from many consumers.