Local births

Memorial Hospital Shiloh

Tyronda Dawson and Charlesty Doby, East St. Louis, a boy, Dec. 8

Sophia and Brock Durbin, Evansville, a girl, Dec. 9

Sarah and Zachary Smith, Troy, a boy, Dec. 9

Kelsey and Matt Ballard, Highland, a girl, Dec. 10

Ting Ni and Yutong Wang, Pinckneyville, a girl, Dec. 10

Tylar Gladney and Keveion Akins, East St. Louis, a girl, Dec. 11

Brittany and John Villa, Fairview Heights, a girl, Dec. 11

Rebecca and Max Kenison, Caseyville, a girl, Dec. 12

Destinee West and Terrell Williams, Edwardsville, a girl, Dec. 12

Johnae Butler and Oliver Simpson, Swansea, a boy, Dec. 13

Danielle Haas and Conner Mudd, Belleville, a girl, Dec. 13

Julia and Nick Huetsch, Lenzburg, a boy, Dec. 13

Kelly McDonald and Aaron Quinn, Freeburg, a boy, Dec. 13

Taylor and Parker Beine, Millstadt, a girl, Dec. 14

Patricia and Jeffrey Hefner, Collinsville, a girl, Dec. 14

Jenna Hofmeister and Kirk Myers Jr., Belleville, a girl, Dec. 14

Schela Burgdorf and Cody Kennedy, Prairie du Rocher, a boy, Dec. 15

Kyrstin and Michael Osborne, Caseyville, a girl, Dec. 15

Elizabeth and Patrick Drennan, Belleville, a girl, Dec. 16

Elizabeth and Nathaniel Neace, Sparta, a boy, Dec. 16

Janelle Riggins-Mallet and Marshaun Howze, Belleville, a girl, Dec. 17

Shannon Black and Xavier Beckman, Belleville, a girl, Dec. 18

Amanda and John Mueller, Belleville, girl, Dec. 18

Myckenzie Swearengin and Jordan Rector, Steeleville, a girl, Dec. 19

Heidi Tedder and Brent Asher, Shiloh, a boy, Dec. 19

Cassie and Alex Tubbs, Mascoutah, a girl, Dec. 19

Brooke and Perry Watkins, Carterville, a boy, Dec. 19

Stephanie Blankenship and Keandre Richardson, Tilden, a girl, Dec. 20

Stephanie and Doug Stamm, Red Bud, a boy, Dec. 20

Cassandra Klausing, Chester, a boy, Dec. 21

Michelle Ramsey and Matthew Clevenger, Belleville, a girl, Dec. 22

Chelsea Pickett and Christopher Downard, Fairview Heights, a boy, Dec. 23

Courtney and Taylor Gregory, Millstadt, a girl, Dec. 24

Antoinette Moran, Centreville, a boy, Dec. 24

Tkeyah Ross and Domi-on Combs Sr., Lebanon, a girl, Dec. 25

Nevaeh Helsing and Julian Collings, Centralia, a girl, Dec. 26

Caroline and Aaron Marmon, Fairview Heights, a boy, Dec. 26

Ellen and Casey Spencer, Swansea, a boy, Dec. 26

Jessica and Sierra Klinkerfuss, Collinsville, a boy, Dec. 27

Maria and Vincent Castillo, O’Fallon, a boy, Dec. 28

Anna Galloway and Michael McClure, Fairview Heights, a boy, Dec. 28

Whitney and Gregory Heyde, Okawville, a girl, Dec. 28

Dahee Jung and Bryan Schauerte, Belleville, a boy, Dec. 28

Cassie McDonald and Chrispin Moll, Ellis Grove, a girl, Dec. 28

HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital - Breese

Megan and Shane Rench, Mulberry Grove, a boy, Dec. 1

Sarah and Mark Collins Jr., Salem, a girl, Dec. 1

Megan and Hunter Loy, Centralia, a girl, Dec. 2

Laura and Chad Johnson, Breese, a boy, Dec. 7

Lorena Avalos, New Baden, a boy, Dec. 11

Quinlyn and Jody Bryan, Salem, a boy, Dec. 11

Keely and Zach Hilmes, Breese, a girl, Dec. 11

Destiny (Dever) and Jeremy Beyer, Collinsville, a girl, Dec. 12

Nicole and Christopher Watkins, Aviston, a girl, Dec. 12

Kelly and Keith Albers, Albers, a boy, Dec. 14

Jena Roesener, Addieville, a boy, Dec. 15

Taylor and Anthony Lombard, Highland, a boy, Dec. 16

Halie and Jacob Clayton, Edwardsville, a boy, Dec. 16

Andrea Potts, Vandalia, a boy, Dec. 19

Mikaela Clark, Bartelso, a boy, Dec. 20

Gabriel and Michael Hamilton, Breese, a boy, Dec. 20

Julie and Brian Schomaker, Carlyle, a girl, Dec. 20

Tiffany and Daniel Wilke, Pocahontas, a boy, Dec. 21

Andria Wittenbrink, Carlyle, a boy, Dec. 22

Bonnie and Zachary Cluck, Carlyle, a girl, Dec. 25

Gabriela Calderon, New Memphis, a boy, Dec. 26

Ashley and Derek Vick, Iuka, a boy, Dec. 26

Lillian Hongsermeier, Centralia, a girl, Dec. 26

Jennifer and Jacob Warix, Highland, a girl, Dec. 27

Emily and Chad Moss, Highland, a boy, Dec. 29

Ashley and Terry Kennedy, Highland, a girl, Dec. 30