‘Don’t ask how this could happen…Hate is a Canadian reality’: PM Trudeau, shocked residents say racism, Islamophobia is a part of the Canada we know

On Monday, London, Ont., police confirmed that a family of five were killed and injured in a targeted hit and run, described as an "intentional act and that the victims were targeted because of their Islamic faith."

Three adults and one teen were killed in the attack, and a nine-year-old boy remains in hospital.

A statement from the the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) states that the group is "beyond horrified and demands justice" after the attack.

"This is a terrorist act on Canadian soil, and should be treated be treated as such," the statement from Mustafa Farooq, CEO of MCCN reads. "We call on the government to prosecute the attacked to the fullest extent of the law, including considering terrorist charges."

In the House of Commons on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognized that this was a hate-motivated terrorist attack saying, "this killing was no accident, this was a terrorism attack motivated by hatred in the heart of one of our communities."

"As leader and as Canadians we not only have to say enough is enough, we must take action," Trudeau said. "We cannot allow any form of hate to take root because the consequences can be far too serious."


If anyone thinks racism and hatred don't exist in this country, I ask to them this, how do we explain such violence and that child in hospital? How can we look families in the eye and say Islamophobia isn't real? When you listen to the Black Muslim women who constantly looks over her shoulder at the bus stop fearing someone will pull off her hijab or hurt her, she'll tell you Islamophobia exists.PM Justin Trudeau

"If you listen to the parents who beg their children not to wear traditional clothes for fear of them being harassed or attack simply for what they're wearing, I'll tell you racism exists... It is on all of us to understand that experience, be there to support to help. We can and we must act," Trudeau urged.

While the local police have indicated they are working RCMP on possible terrorism charge, Canadians are calling out this violent, heartbreaking attack, particularly stressing that these tragedies do happen in Canada. Islamophobia, racism, discrimination, white supremacy all exist in Canadians society, and concrete actions, accountability and justice are being demanded.