Look: World's heaviest blueberry grown in Australia

Australia-based Costa Berries broke a Guinness World Record by growing a blueberry that weighed .72 ounce. Photo courtesy of Costa Berries

March 14 (UPI) -- An Australian berry company broke a Guinness World Record by growing a Ping-Pong-sized berry that weighs .72 ounce.

A Guinness adjudicator examined the blueberry grown by Costa Berries in Corindi, New South Wales, and confirmed it was the world's heaviest blueberry.

Brad Hocking, head of the team that grew the berry, said it was picked in November last year and kept frozen while the company communicated with Guinness World Records.

The blueberry is the new Eterna variety developed by Costa Berries.

Hocking said his team hasn't decided what to do with the record-breaking berry.

"We all look at it occasionally and smile," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. "I don't think a smoothie would be the right fate for it."