$100,000 at the bottom of a purse: Alberta woman forgot about winning Lotto Max ticket for weeks

Annie Austin from Alberta won $100,000 after finding her ticket in her purse

There might be something to the turn of phrase "set and forget".

The winner of a $100,000 lotto prize says she totally forgot she had gotten the ticket, after carrying it around in the depths of her purse for weeks after the win.

Annie Austan, of Fort MacLeod, Alberta, says on an afternoon in late July, she was retrieving something from her bag when she found the Lotto Max ticket from the June 28th draw. Prior to that, she had totally forgotten about it.

“I took it into the store to check with some other tickets,” Austin told the Western Canada Lottery Corporations (WCLC) when she claimed her prize. “What a surprise it was when I saw all the zeroes!”

She had won the six digit prize on the Extra she had added to the ticket, which matched the last six numbers of the winning extra number for the draw. She described the experience as “unbelievable.”

Austan has yet to decide what exactly she’ll do with the winnings.

She originally bought the ticket from a drugstore in Fort MacLeod on June 25.

A similar incident happened to an Ontario man last month, who found a winning lotto ticket in the cupholder of his car.

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