Louise Glück Wins Nobel Prize in Literature 2020: Here Are 5 Popular Quotes by the American Poet

Nobel Prize for Literature has been awarded to the US poet Louise Glück this year. The prize is given to the person who has "produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction". Glück was recognised for "her unmistakable poetic voice, that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal" said the Swedish Academy, which oversees the award. Her poetry focuses on the painful reality of being human and pens down poems around themes such as death, childhood, and family life. Many of her works are inspired by Greek mythology and its characters, such as Persephone and Eurydice, who are often the victims of betrayal. As she won the Nobel Prize, we take a look at some of her popular quotes. Nobel Prize in Literature 2020 Winner: Louise Gluck, an American Poet, Receives the Honour for Her Unmistakable Poetic Voice.

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The Academy said her 2006 collection Averno was a "masterly collection, a visionary interpretation of the myth of Persephone's descent into Hell in the captivity of Hades, the god of death". He added that her 12 collections of poetry are "characterised by a striving for clarity" comparing her with Emily Dickinson with her "severity and unwillingness to accept simple tenets of faith". Meanwhile, we take a look at her known quotes and sayings. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 Winners: Emmanuelle Charpentier And Jennifer A Doudna Receive the Honour for Development of Method for Genome Editing.

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Quote Reads: "The Soul Is Silent. If It Speaks at All It Speaks in Dreams." Louise Glück

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Quote Reads: "The Advantage of Poetry Over Life Is That Poetry, if It Is Sharp Enough, May Last." Louise Glück

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Quote Reads: "We Look at the World Once, in Childhood. The Rest Is Memory." Louise Glück

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Quote Reads: "Honour the Words That Enter and Attach to Your Brain." Louise Glück

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Quote Reads: "At the End of My Suffering, There Was a Door." Louise Glück

Nobel Prize in Literature 2020 Being Announced:

Born in 1943 in New York, Glück who lives in Massachusetts and is also a professor of English at Yale University. She is the fourth woman to win the prize for literature since 2010 and the 16th since the Nobel prizes were first awarded in 1901. Glück had won the Pulitzer Prize in 1993 for her collection The Wild Iris and the National Book Award in 2014. Her other honours include the 2001 Bollingen Prize for Poetry, the Wallace Stevens Award and a National Humanities Medal, awarded in 2015. She was also editor of the anthology The Best American Poetry 1993.