'Love Is Blind' 's Bliss Says 'Intense Physical Chemistry' with Zack Was Part of Why She Gave Him a Second Chance

In the latest batch of Love Is Blind episodes, fans saw Bliss make a return to the show after Zack ended things with her and proposed to Irina instead

Netflix Zack and Bliss
Netflix Zack and Bliss

Warning: This post contains spoilers about season 4 of Netflix's Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind's Bliss Poureetezadi may not have been the first woman Zack Goytowski proposed to on the show — but she has no hard feelings for the man she's always believed was her "person."

Fans were likely thrilled to see Bliss, 33, return to their screens in Netflix's newest batch of episodes, which dropped on Friday, after she was last shown getting dumped by Zack, 31, in the pods.

Episode 6 saw Zack meeting with Bliss for the first time since returning from Mexico, where he and ex-fiancée Irina Solomonova mutually agreed to call things off. (Irina, 26, even encouraged Zack to reconnect with Bliss when he returned to Seattle.) During his meeting with Bliss, Zack admitted that he made the "wrong choice" and begged her for a second chance.

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By episode 8, Zack and Bliss had fully rekindled their romance and were happily engaged, preparing for their trip down the altar.

Despite their ups and downs, Bliss tells PEOPLE she never had any doubts that she was meant to be with Zack — and because of that, was not fearful to open up her heart again.

"Going into this, I really was open to having a conversation because of the feelings that I had for him and because of the person that he showed me that he was," she says. "He never gave me any reason to not have faith in him and believe in him. He was always extremely honest with me – sometimes to a fault, in the pods. And so, everything that we discussed just made me really believe in him."

"I never felt like I was being manipulated or tricked," she continues. "I felt in my heart that I knew that this was my person. I felt like I knew he was making a mistake [with Irina]. I felt like he knew that he was making a mistake. I wasn't going to tell that to him and try to convince him. He needed to come to that on his own."

She adds, "And I think ultimately it just comes down to my intuition. This felt so right to me, and I wasn't going to let my pride get in the way of that."

Monty Brinton/Netflix Bliss in the pods
Monty Brinton/Netflix Bliss in the pods

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Because of how the show is formatted, Bliss reveals that Zack was unable to reach out to her himself. Instead, procedures coordinated their meetup at a restaurant in Seattle.

"We didn't actually have a direct line of contact to each other. He actually reached out through producers to reach out to me," she shares. "So he and I didn't have any direct contact at all before we met up. And I was like, 'What's going on here?'"

Despite her surprise, Bliss agreed to meet him, and though she appears to be keeping it coy on screen, she says she could not deny the electricity between them.

"I didn't have any expectations necessarily," she notes. "But during that conversation, it was like that 'Oh, I know I was right' situation. I knew that I was right.... I know there's things I was definitely holding [in] because there was a very intense physical chemistry that really just shocked me when I walked in. So I was trying to hold that back a little bit. My smile, I'm trying to hold that smile down."


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Eventually, Bliss decided to let Zack in fully — leading up to episode 8 where he proposed on a boat overlooking Seattle.

Asked if she had any hesitations in agreeing to marry him so quickly after rekindling their love, Bliss says no. "It is a big decision ... but no, there really wasn't [any hesitation]. He just showed me the person that he is over and over again. I felt like I knew that he was my person, so I'm just like, 'Good. I was right.'"

She adds of the proposal: "Honestly, I was so shocked. I had no idea it was coming.... I'm glad I was surprised with it."

Though it appears to be smooth sailing for the duo, fans will have to wait two more weeks to find out if Bliss and Zack ultimately tie the knot at the altar.

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The first eight episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 are now streaming on Netflix. New episodes will roll out Fridays through April 14.

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