Love Is Blind season 6 confirms reunion date on Netflix

nick and vanessa lachey, love is blind season 6
Love Is Blind S6 confirms reunion date on NetflixNetflix

Love Is Blind season six spoilers follow.

Love Is Blind season six has confirmed when its anticipated reunion will drop on Netflix.

In a new teaser clip released by the streamer, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey revealed that the cast will be back to discuss the series' drama on March 13.

"Babe, the reunion's only a few weeks away and we still have so much to figure out," said Vanessa in the clip, to which Nick replied: "So much to review and so much to ask, and America and the world will be watching."

nick and vanessa lachey, love is blind season 6

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The couple then teased appearances from cast members AD, Brittany, Clay, Jimmy and Chelsea, before turning to the camera to address the fans, asking them to send in their questions for the stars.

They concluded: "We cannot wait to catch up with the cast and all of you on the Love Is Blind season six reunion only on Netflix. See you there."

Filmed in front of a live audience, the special episode will see several of the show's current cast members reflect on their relationships, as well as reliving the twists and turns of the explosive season.

The news comes after season six contestant Jeramey Lutinski denied rumours that he had a secret fiancé ahead of joining the reality series.

love is blind season 6 official trailer

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"So I wanna quickly address the story that's going around about my previous engagement," he said in an Instagram post.

Explaining why viewers didn't see the conversations about his relationship history on the show, Jeramey added: "Unfortunately not all of the footage captured makes it into the final cut. This just happened to not make it in there.

"I had already been out on my own for a number of weeks at that point and I was asked if I would like to have a discussion around it and obviously it ended up leading to the show at some point."

Love Is Blind Season 6: The Reunion will premiere on March 13 on Netflix.

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