“Love Is Blind” season 6's Amy explains why she 'didn't want' to go on birth control

"It was more so what I would be putting into my body that I just didn't feel comfortable with," she tells EW.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Love Is Blind season 6 episodes 1-9.

While other Love Is Blind season 6 couples were dealing with love triangles, potential cheating scandals, and other relationship-ending disagreements, Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre were facing a different kind of life-changing issue: Birth control.

<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p> Amy and Johnny

Courtesy of Netflix

Amy and Johnny

When Amy and Johnny returned from their post-engagement vacation, they revealed that had not yet had sex because Amy is not on birth control and Johnny didn't want to risk the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. They both want to have kids together eventually, but not for at least five years, or when they're both financially ready to become parents. That's why they needed to figure out a plan now, before they walk down the aisle in the finale.

"It was more so what I would be putting into my body that I just didn't feel comfortable with," Amy tells EW of why she didn't want to go on birth control. "Fully support it for any woman who decides to do it, I feel like women should be empowered to do what they feel like is best for them. But in that moment I just felt like I didn't want to do that. So we explored other options."

Those "other options" included discussing Johnny getting a vasectomy. But while the topic of using condoms and other, more readily available contraceptives was never shown onscreen, Amy confirms they did consider that as well. "We definitely had conversations about a little bit of everything, and I feel like condoms are a sense of birth control in that sense," Amy says.

As the episodes have come out, she's been shocked to see their conversations about birth control get so much attention.

"It was a surprise because I didn't expect it to be as big of a deal," she says. "Obviously it is a huge deal, especially if you're considering to marry somebody. But he hadn't been with somebody in the past that wasn't on birth control, so I feel like for him it was more of a shock, which was more of a shock for me as well because I feel like I know so many women that are not on birth control. It was just definitely very different based on both of our experiences."

New episodes of Love Is Blind season 6 premiere Wednesdays, with the season 6 reunion premiering Wednesday, March 13, at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Netflix.

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