“Love Is Blind”'s Trevor thinks Chelsea would have chosen him over Jimmy if not for this reason

"She hadn't seen me for over 24 hours," he tells EW. "I believe it did matter."

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Love Is Blind season 6 episodes 1-11.

Love Is Blind's Trevor Sova has a theory for why he was rejected in the pods, and it has nothing to do with his actual relationship with Chelsea Blackwell or the other side of their love triangle, Jimmy Presnell.

In the latest batch of season 6 episodes (now streaming on Netflix), Trevor and Chelsea finally meet face-to-face for the first time since she rejected him in the pods after getting engaged to Jimmy. At the pod squad lake party, he asks her point blank if, had the order of dates been switched the last day in the pods, she would have accepted his proposal over Jimmy's. She denies it, but Trevor still thinks that's the reason why she chose Jimmy over him.

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Trevor, Chelsea

"I believe it did matter," he tells EW about the order of their final dates. "I think she was just saying that because she's there with her fiancé. Obviously, he would find that out if she said that, but I think it mattered for sure."

He goes on to explain that fans don't see a lot of how the pod dates go, and the schedule can have an impact on the relationships. "I think the person that you had the last date with is fresh in your head from the day before," Trevor says. "She had just come off a five- or six-hour date with Jimmy and then in the morning also had a long date with Jimmy where he proposed, so she hadn't seen me for over 24 hours. Not that you're put on the back burner if they don't see you for a while, but you're not fresh in their mind when you were right after your date. Things were going great, I thought. I think it would've mattered if you switched, but we'll never know."

Despite getting rejected and not making it to the finale weddings with someone, Trevor doesn't regret anything from this season.

"I honestly loved how it played out because it taught me a lesson," he says. "It humbled me. It made me experience heartbreak when I wasn't expecting it. I think that was good to be humbled. I learned how I'm going to handle it if it comes out of nowhere and I think I handled it in a very mature way, which I didn't necessarily know if I would handle it that way. So I'm proud of myself that I did."

New episodes of Love Is Blind season 6 release Wednesdays on Netflix.

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