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'Love is Blind': 4 unanswered questions from the Season 6 reunion

Love is Blind hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey at the Season 6 reunion
Love is Blind hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey at the Season 6 reunion (Courtesy of Greg Gayne/Netflix)

The cast of Love is Blind Season 6 faced a barrage of questions during Wednesday’s one-hour-and-37-minute reunion special, both from hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey as well as cast members from past seasons, like Brett Brown and his wife, Tiffany Pennywell-Brown, who were brought back to read viewer questions.

While many fans were happy with how the hosts showed up for this reunion, others — at least those vocal on social media — were left wanting more.

Here’s a look at some of the questions that remain unanswered following the Season 6 reunion.

What is the status of Jimmy and Chelsea’s relationship?

Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell arguably had the biggest storylines of the season. However, the reunion never addressed the current status of their relationship.

Things got off to a dramatic start after they both chose to break up with other people in the pods and then, at the last minute, chose each other for engagement and potential marriage.

However, their romance quickly turned rocky after Jimmy called Chelsea “clingy” and Chelsea questioned whether Jimmy was really in love with her.

The pair reportedly continued to date after the season wrapped before eventually calling it off. But just last week, they were spotted together in Florida, driving fans to speculate that they might be reconciling their love. Even though that encounter took place after the reunion had finished filming, fans would have loved a question about their current status.

In fact, after the interview aired on Netflix Wednesday night, Chelsea told Extra TV in a post-show interview that she and Jimmy “did try to make it work after he called off the wedding.”

“We tried to date for four days. Nothing really changed,” she said. “He realized he didn't want a relationship.”

Still, Chelsea said that she and Jimmy are “in a really good spot as friends.”

“He's been a wonderful support for me in this journey, this crazy, wild journey.”

What did Chelsea learn about herself during the season? And what kind of work has she done to keep growing since?

A big part of the Season 6 storyline was Chelsea’s insecurities about her relationship, which were not helped by Jimmy’s connection with Jess Vestal, his flirtation with Amber Desiree “AD” Smith and his apparent disappointment with Chelsea’s looks during her reveal from the pods.

But Chelsea admits she could have handled herself better and has even said on social media that she sought therapy after filming. This was not addressed during the reunion.

Chelsea, Jimmy, Brittany and Kenneth during the reunion for Love is Blind Season 6
From left to right: Chelsea, Jimmy, Brittany and Kenneth during the reunion for Love is Blind Season 6. (Courtesy of Greg Gayne/Netflix)

Also, little airtime was given to Chelsea’s controversial Megan Fox look-alike comment during the reunion, even though it was one of the most talked-about moments of the season.

What started the disconnect between Kenneth and Brittany?

Kenneth Gorman and Brittany Mills seemed to be one of the strongest couples following their reveal because they appeared to face no drama in the pods.

However, their relationship unraveled rather quickly, and they were the first of the engaged couples to break up.

The reunion delved into the footage of Kenneth always being on his phone, poked fun at his love of dolphins during their engagement trip and addressed the current status of their relationship. However, there was no real discussion of what caused things to take a turn for the worse between Kenneth and Brittany.

Was race a factor? Was a lack of attraction a factor? Were they not compatible intellectually?

The pair emphasized their compatibility as friends at the reunion, saying that they talk “every day” and are “extremely close.”

During a joint interview with Entertainment Weekly on March 13, Kenneth said he isn’t ruling out a potential romance.

“I don't know — I'm a person of faith, so God leads me and I just follow,” he told EW. “Is the connection that me and Brittany have still super strong? Yes. I still think she's beautiful. I still think she's super dope and intelligent. I still get moments like, ‘Wow, you are still my person,’ and the same [goes] for her. Only time will tell. Time will tell us what God has in store for that.”

Brittany is currently single and told EW she’s not dating right now. ”I want to be in this moment because we're still going through the experience, and there's so much to it. I don't want any distractions,” she said.

Why didn’t Johnny and Amy consider using condoms?

One of the most-discussed moments of the season was Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre’s conversation about whether and how to have sex before getting married while avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. Because Amy was not on birth control, the couple discussed a possible vasectomy for Johnny before ultimately deciding to wait, leaving many fans to wonder: What about condoms?

Johnny and Amy having a discussion while they were engaged on Love is Blind Season 6
Johnny and Amy having a discussion while they were engaged on Love is Blind Season 6 (Courtesy of Netflix/Everett Collection)

During the reunion, former Love is Blind cast member Giannina Gibelli asked that very question on behalf of a fan who wrote, “I’m confused. Were condoms not an option?”

“Yes, condoms were always an option,” Johnny replied. However, he offered no further explanation of why the couple chose celibacy over contraception, and the hosts didn’t ask him to clarify. The answer, it seems, will remain a mystery.

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