Love Island star Georgia Harrison in ‘serious conversations’ about becoming Labour MP

Love Island star Georgia Harrison in ‘serious conversations’ about becoming Labour MP

Former Love Island star and TV personality Georgia Harrison has said she has had “serious conversations” about becoming a Labour MP in Essex.

Ms Harrison, 28, attended the Labour conference in Liverpool earlier this month and campaigns on violence against women and girls.

Her ex-partner Stephen Bear was jailed earlier this year after he shared intimate footage of them online. He was sentenced to 21 months in prison for voyeurism and disclosing private, sexual photographs and films.

Ms Harrison also helped change the law when the Online Safety Bill was amended in June, meaning it would be easier to prosecute people for sharing revenge porn.

She said she thought young girls would find seeing “normal people” like her in parliament “inspiring”.

Georgia Harrison campaigning outside parliament (PA)
Georgia Harrison campaigning outside parliament (PA)

“I had serious conversations with a couple of Labour MPs about if I could run for Essex, and they said it would be possible,” Ms Harrison told The Sun.

“They told me to go away and think about it. They said if I was being serious about running for an MP it is something that they would support me with. I think also for little girls growing up seeing someone like me running for an MP would be quite inspiring.”

She added: “We need more normal people going into politics.”

Speaking at the Labour conference earlier this month she said waiting for her case against Bear had been “detrimental to my career and my mental health, which was really hard for me”.

She began criminal proceedings in 2020 after he used CCTV cameras in his garden to record footage of them having sex before uploading the video to OnlyFans without her consent.

Ms Harrison did not specify which constituency she may run in or whether it had been confirmed. To become a Labour MP candidate, you must be a member of the Labour Party and win a selection process for a particular seat.

At present, all of Essex’s 18 parliamentary constituencies are held by Conservative MPs.