'Loyal Opposition?': Video of U.S. President Joe Biden meeting Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre goes viral

Biden's comment may have been a joke, but doesn't reflect positively on the U.S. president, some viewers say

U.S. President Joe Biden meets with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre at the House of Commons on Friday.

A video of U.S. President sharing a pointed remark while meeting Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre at the House of Commons has gone viral.

Earlier today, Biden was escorted by Trudeau into the House of Commons where he briefly greeted dignitaries, senators, other party leaders, and Poilievre.

The clip, uploaded by SFC Network Communications Director Greg Price, shows Biden shaking hands with Poilievre while the two introduce themselves to each other formally.

Poilievre introduces himself to Biden as the "leader of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition". Biden, after momentary confusion asks, "Loyal Opposition?" to which Poilievre responds, "We believe that opposition is an act of loyalty in our system."

Biden laughs while grabbing Poilievre's arm and remarks, "We do too, unfortunately" before moving on to meet the next person.

The video, uploaded only three hours ago, has already garnered more than 70,000 views.

This is the first non-summit overnight visit by a U.S. president in almost two decades. The trip is a chance for Biden and Trudeau to continue their efforts to renew the bilateral relationship, which was marked by some tension in recent years.

As part of the trip, Biden visited Parliament Hill today for an official address followed by a gala dinner at the city's Aviation Museum.

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