Luisana Lopilato shows off baby bump in 'adorable' photos with 4-year-old daughter

Photo via Instagram @luisanalopilato
Photo via Instagram @luisanalopilato

Luisana Lopilato is rocking her baby bump at her daughter's 4th birthday party.

On Monday, the 34-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a set of photos from her daughter's birthday party in Vancouver. Lopilato, who's the wife of Canadian singer Michael Bublé, posed in black shorts and a grey T-shirt with her daughter, Vida, cradling and kissing her baby bump.

Lopilato and Bublé share two sons, Noah, 8, Elias, 6, as well as Vida, 4, with their fourth baby on the way.

"Laughing! My best friend, my princess of all fairy tales! Happy 4th birthday! I love you," she captioned the post for her more than six million followers.

Fans responded to Lopilato's photos with birthday messages and praise for putting her baby bump on display.

"So cute. You're glowing! And I love how you're always showing off your baby bump. Beautiful photos!" one person commented while another wrote, "Beautiful Vida and baby bump."

"Beautiful photos! You're such a great mama," another added.

"She will be the best big sister ever!" someone else penned, paired with a heart emoji.

One person commented: "So adorable! Happy birthday, Vida."

Bublé also chimed in to praise his wife, writing: "How lucky am I?"

Earlier this month, the actress shared another photo with her daughter, Vida, paired with a heartfelt caption ahead of her birthday, about living with her family on Bublé's tour bus.

"Life in our tour bus and the sound of those small feet pitter-pattering down the hallway make my heart melt," she captioned the post for her more than six million followers. "I never want to forget these days. Stop growing up so fast, please!"

"My princess Vida, I can assure you that no matter how old you are, I’ll never stop giving you mimos," she added.

"Wonderful family supporting each other," one Instagram user commented, while another added, "I love how the whole family is traveling with him [Bublé] right now."

"It's so great that you are keeping the family together on tour, even if that means living on a bus. Adorable! You two are great parents," another wrote.

"A family that lives on a tour bus together, stays together. Love this so much! Beautiful super mama!" someone else chimed in.

While fans praised Lopilato and Bublé for keeping the family together while Bublé is on tour, this isn't the first time Lopilato has travelled with her kids.

In early July, she shared a set of photos with them during a trip to the United Kingdom. The post was met with comments from followers tipping their hats to Lopilato for taking her children abroad.

"I love to see new places with my kids," she captioned the set of photos. "This time in the heights! Do you like it, or are you afraid of it? Tell me and I'll read you!"

"Honestly, kudos to you for traveling with two young kids while pregnant," one person commented. "You must be an incredible mom to have that much patience!"

Another fan weighed in: "I think it's a great idea, you teach them geography and history while travelling."

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