I’m tired of candidates like Dan Bishop purposely misleading voters | Opinion

Dan Bishop

To support his run for N.C. Attorney General, Rep. Dan Bishop recently drew attention to Mark Harris being asked to forfeit a congressional win in 2018 by a “Democrat majority” State Board of Elections over what Bishop called “some fairly minor illegal ballot harvesting.”

We should not forget that Rev. Harris’ own son testified that he warned his father about the illegal tactics being employed on his behalf by a political operative. And the “Democrat majority” board that rescinded Harris’ 2018 win did so by a unanimous vote.

I am tired of candidates purposefully sowing seeds of doubt, as Bishop did. Sadly, people believe these stories. Harris was wrong, and it cost him. So is Bishop.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Mask legislation

Regarding “Senate GOP will negotiate on masks but doesn’t want watered down bill, Berger says,” (May 23) and related articles:

State Sen. Buck Newton introduced a bill that would have removed the exemption for wearing a mask to protect one’s health and the health of others. There are many people, myself included, with health conditions and treatments that leave us with compromised immunity. We wear masks in public to allow us to enjoy things like shopping, dining out, going to a movie, and other things people take for granted. Without the ability to wear a mask, we would lose that.

I urge lawmakers to keep this in mind as they revise this bill.

Allison Lillard, Charlotte

Objective leaders

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is wearing his Christianity on his sleeve, and it turns people off. When it comes to Christianity, one can “drive the car without tooting the horn.”

Johnson is an election denier, held up funds to Ukraine and recently showed up at Trump’s trial.

We need politicians who are so objective they would drive their own grandmother to the police station if they knew she committed a crime.

One only has to travel just to a few countries to recognize the U.S. is incredible in all respects. Let’s keep our democracy.

Randall Lemly, Charlotte

Doomsday glacier?

Regarding “Researchers studying ‘doomsday glacier’ make worrying discovery,” (May 21):

Just another terrifying article about the impending catastrophe that looms ahead ...

In my opinion, there are simple steps we must collectively take for our species to survive into the future.

First, we must accept responsibility for the environmental degradation that we’ve wrought on our planet. We must educate ourselves about what is happening so that, as informed citizens, we can take the most important step of all: We must elect city, county, state and national politicians who are willing to enact the tough regulations that will have meaningful impacts on reversing or at least slowing climate change.

Vote as if our lives depended on it, because they do.

Thomas George, Charlotte

Duke Energy

The writer is a volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Duke Energy wants to build two natural gas plants in North Carolina. We need to tell them they cannot.

North Carolina House Bill 503 was sent to committee in 2023 by three Republican House members, with an additional 17 bipartisan cosponsors. Its goal: conduct a study exploring a regional energy grid in the Southeast. It hasn’t moved. Meanwhile, Duke Energy’s new carbon plan (2023) relies on unclean, expensive natural gas, increases consumer rates, and emphasizes its bottom line.

It is time we said enough is enough.

Sean Casey, Charlotte

Memorial Day

Our American history has been written in books, but the true story of America can also be seen at places like Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. There, thousands of names on white crosses and Stars of David line the grassy hills. It is here that our American story is told.

On Monday, Memorial Day, we honor them all for their service. We respect all of them them for what they did, and we remember them for who they were and what they could have been.

Kirk Polizzi, Wilmington