Mac Lethal raps song 11-year-old fan wrote about his bully

Rapper David McCleary Sheldon, known as Mac Lethal, in his studio. Video still from YouTube
Rapper David McCleary Sheldon, known as Mac Lethal, in his studio. Video still from YouTube

Confronting a bully can be terrifying. One talented 11-year-old decided to ask for a little help from his favourite rapper, and boy did that rapper come through.

David McCleary Sheldon, better known as Mac Lethal, is an American rapper and something of a YouTube phenomenon, thanks to his his fast-talking, tongue-twisting rhymes.

Sheldon recently received a request from a boy named Isaac, and shared the message on YouTube:

“My best friend Thomas who grew up down the street from me… Well he used to be my best friend , now he hates me and hurts me whenever i see him. He has made my entire school not like me and they always make fun of how i walk and talk. I am nice to all of them but they are cruel to me except for my friend Jonas and Sarah and some girls who like me. I wrote a rap for him but Im shy. You are my favourite rapper and it would be an honour if you would sing this song to him in a video.”

Sheldon decided to do Isaac that honour. In a video titled “An 11 Year Old Wrote This About His Bully,” he raps Isaac’s poignant lyrics from start to finish. The words tell a heartbreaking tale, and one that is likely painfully familiar to many listeners.

Here’s the chorus:

“I’m different, I know that I’m different, But I still care about you and our friendship.”

It’s hard not to well up when Sheldon drops this lyric:

“I wish you wouldn’t make fun of me because I’ve never met my dad.”

Sheldon finishes the song with a message to Thomas, and to mankind in general.

“C’mon Thomas, what happened to you and Isaac’s friendship? C’mon, world. Lets be better people.”

He also gives props to Isaac for his poetic lyrics, and so do the majority of commenters on the video, like poster Paradox Planet, who writes:

“This 11 year old writes better than 99% of mainstream rappers.”

So stay strong, Isaac. We know things are tough now, but keep your chin up: you’ve got a bright, rhyme-filled future ahead of you.