Madalayna Ducharme fighting tough battle after transplant

Windsor's Warrior Princess Madalayna is having a tough time after her bone marrow transplant.

The tiny tot celebrated turning seven months old on Wednesday but faced one of her toughest days according to a post by her mother, who is asking for prayers and support from the community. Thursday was also difficult for the infant.

"Today was a hard day ... she is very lethargic and in a lot of pain," Tamara Ducharme. "There were no smiles today. She is not comfortable. The only good news was that she didn't vomit."

Last Friday, Madalayna's two-year-old brother Henrik gave her some of his bone marrow. The Windsor baby, called a "warrior princess" by her family, was born with malignant infantile osteopetrosis — a rare genetic disorder that can cause infections, hearing and vision loss and even death.

Tamara wrote that since the transplant her child has been suffering, but added she is remaining hopeful.

"She will see better days, she is fighting ... this battle is very tough."