Madame Web's Sydney Sweeney announced for new TV appearance

sydney sweeney, madame web
Madame Web star announced for new TV appearanceJessica Kourkounis - Sony Pictures

Madame Web's Sydney Sweeney has been announced for a highly-coveted TV appearance.

Sweeney is making her Saturday Night Live hosting debut on March 2, with musical guest Kacey Musgraves performing in the same episode.

Dune: Part Two's Josh Brolin and Ariana Grande are lined up for the weekend after.

This comes in the middle of the release of Sweeney's latest movie, where she plays Julia Cornwall, one of three Spider-Women opposite Dakota Johnson's Madame Web.

sydney sweeney, madame web
Jessica Kourkounis - Sony Pictures

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Despite Madame Web's critical mauling, Sweeney's co-star Johnson revealed to Digital Spy that she'd return for a sequel if the opportunity presented itself.

Elsewhere, she was asked about her ideal Marvel team-up.

"Well, see, this is my first kind of introduction to Marvel, so I feel I would choose whichever superheroes have more physical strengths than Madame Web," explained Johnson.

"I feel she could handle all the intellectual stuff, and then I just need people who are really strong or like shoot lasers or fireballs out of their fingertips or something. I don't know who those heroes are, but I'll take them."

dakota johnson, isabela merced, sydney sweeney, madame web
Courtesy of Sony Pictures

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The Suspiria actress also went on to admit: "I never saw myself doing a superhero movie, but I really love the idea of a superhero being a young woman whose power was her mind and her intellect. I find that really powerful."

"She has such depth and breadth as an actor, she is such an incredible person and has a big heart," said Madame Web director SJ Clarkson.

"She came in and really wanted to find the nuance and pathos of the character. It's really important to keep it grounded, because even if it is a superhero world, the more grounded it is the more relatable it is."

Madame Web is now in cinemas.

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