MAFS Australia airs shocking final commitment ceremony result

final commitment ceremony mel schilling married at first sight
MAFS Australia airs shocking commitment ceremonyChannel 4

Married at First Sight Australia spoilers follow.

Tonight's (April 22) episode of Married at First Sight Australia saw one couple choose to exit the experiment while another marriage was blindsided by a shock cheating scandal.

Ahead of the final vows ceremony, John Aiken said the couples had "one last shot" to seek advice from the experts before deciding whether or not to stay together.

Up first were Jayden and Eden, who had been struggling to work through recent communication issues, with Eden revealing that she feels as though she doesn't "have a voice" during disagreements.

Fortunately, the couple were able to receive the coaching they needed from John and Mel Schilling, before choosing to stay in the experiment.

final commitment ceremony mel schilling married at first sight
Channel 4

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However, it was the end of the road for Timothy and Lucinda after a difficult homestay experience, with Lucinda saying Timothy's lack of communication had sometimes felt like "having a relationship with a brick wall".

"Really, bottom line Tim, you haven't felt a chemistry with me," she said, before the pair revealed their decision to leave, but promised to keep in contact with each other.

"It's a really honest close for Tim and I," Lucinda said afterward.

final commitment ceremony married at first sight lucinda and timothy
Channel 4

Meanwhile, Sara and Tim were labelled the "comeback kids" by John after being able to work through a cheating scandal and rebuild their relationship, with the pair easily choosing to stay together.

Also choosing to stay were Jade and Ridge, with the couple admitting they were falling in love with each other after Jade opened up on her vulnerabilities. As did Jack and Tori, who shocked the group by saying they could fall in love with each other.

Last up on the sofa were Lauren and Jono, with the pair calling their homestay a "changing point" in their relationship.

final commitment ceremony married at first sight lauren and jono
Channel 4

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However, their bubble was soon popped by Tori, who revealed she had heard that Jono had been in communication with former bride Ellie Dix behind his wife's back.

Lauren was left speechless by the accusation, before Jono admitted that Ellie would text him "every three or four days" for updates on the experiment, but insisted the communication was completely "innocent".

The explanation didn't sit well with Lauren, who said she felt "hurt and betrayed" by her husband's actions.

Despite the bombshell, Lauren and Jono both stood by their decision to stay, but will they be able to get back on track before the final vows?

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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