MAFS star Olivia Frazer reveals Taylor Swift-inspired hair transformation

Married at First Sight Australia star Olivia Frazer has revealed her Taylor Swift-inspired hair transformation.

Taking to Instagram, the reality star posted a video of herself as she underwent a dramatic change to her tresses. In the video, which documents the hair change from start to finish, Olivia can be seen having a full fringe cut in.

"Tell me you're going to Taylor Swift next week without telling me you're going to Taylor Swift next week," she captioned the video before thanking her friend for providing her with the new 'do.

olivia frazer

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"Your sign to spontaneously let your friend cut your fringe," read the caption on the video itself.

Olivia, who appeared on the 2022 edition of MAFS Australia, recently opened up about how she got her hands on Taylor Swift tickets following a nasty breakup last year after she moved to Scotland and discovered her boyfriend already had a girlfriend.

"So basically, my baby cousin Phoebe called me and was like: 'Hey, I have access to the Taylor Swift pre-sale tickets, are you coming?'" Olivia said.

"And I was like: 'No honey, I'm going to be living in Scotland, I'm going to be in the Highlands with the love of my life. I'm not coming home for that.'

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"And she was like: 'Mhm, we'll see.' So then she's got the ticket and is like: 'Baby, I got you a ticket.' And I'm like: 'Phoebs, sell it. That's so much money. No, give it to somebody who's going to be there. Sell it.' And she's like: 'Mhm, we'll see.'"

She continued: "So fast forward to August, I call her and am like: 'So turns out my man's had a girlfriend the whole time, so I'm coming home.' And she's like: 'Well good thing you're coming home to a Taylor Swift ticket.'

"So basically I ended up with a Taylor Swift ticket because, one, my cousin's a legend, and two, my love life is such a f**king shitshow that karma had to give me a win."

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