MAGA Rep’s Insane Biden Claim Is Too Much Even for Maria Bartiromo

Fox Business Network
Fox Business Network

Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC) made a bizarre claim Thursday, insisting that he has “evidence” to support his allegation that President Joe Biden was “jacked up on something” during the State of the Union address. He even offered to show his so-called proof to Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo “offline.”

The MAGA congressman’s wild accusation seemed to go too far for the pro-Trump conspiracy-loving Bartiromo, who once relied on “wackadoodle” claims made by a woman who thinks she’s a ghost to peddle 2020 election lies on Fox airwaves that eventually led the network to settle a massive defamation lawsuit.

Appearing on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria, Murphy—a co-chair of the GOP Doctors Caucus— was asked to put his “doctor’s hat on” and give his take on the recently announced presidential debates between Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“Trump says he wants both of them to be standing for the two hours,” Bartiromo noted. “Biden says he doesn’t want a live audience, and it just has to be Trump and Biden, no [Robert F. Kennedy Jr]. How does this play out from your perspective?”

The North Carolina lawmaker immediately took a conspiratorial path that even Bartiromo wasn’t willing to fully follow.

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“I’ll just be very plain and simple. I was at the State of the Union address and Joe Biden must have been jacked up on something that day,” Murphy declared. “I absolutely believe that from a medical viewpoint, and have a good bit of knowledge that happened. He can’t stand, and he can’t stand under the lights for that long, and I don’t think he can keep a concept in his brain for that long.”

The congressman would go on to offer advice for Trump in the upcoming debates, urging the 2024 GOP hopeful to “stay presidential” and to “stay in his lane.” Bartiromo, however, wanted to get back to Murphy’s allegation about Biden receiving a pre-SOTU booster, asking what he meant about the president being “jacked up” at his speech.

“I believe they gave him something to sustain the lights and sustain the vigor that he had. That was not Joe Biden. I was in there. He screamed for two hours,” he replied.

While Fox News stars and Republicans have suggested the 81-year-old president was caffeinated or even given illicit substances for his fiery address, with Sean Hannity going so far as calling him “Jacked Up Joe,” none of them have claimed to have actual proof. Despite his bombshell allegations, Murphy wasn’t willing to reveal his hand publicly even as Bartiromo pressed him on air.

“Maybe we can talk offline and I’ll show you something that proves that,” he proclaimed, prompting a stunned Bartiromo to wonder what exactly he’d show her.

“I think I can have some evidence that shows that he was given something before,” the congressman responded.

With Bartiromo continuing to press Murphy on whether he meant “in terms of medicine,” the pro-Trump lawmaker pivoted to the octogenarian president’s physical appearance and purported “facelift” before alleging a vast Democratic-led conspiracy to prop up Biden.

“He’s been manufactured and puppeteered by the Democratic Party to be president of the United States, and I fully believe that has to do with pharmacology,” Murphy concluded. The Fox Business star, for her part, noted that she would follow up on his “compelling” accusations.

The congressman’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment asking if he could provide further details about his supposed hidden proof of drug use.

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