Majority in US — including most Trump voters — want higher taxes on wealthy, poll finds

The vast majority of Americans across partisan and racial lines support raising taxes on the wealthy, new polling reveals.

Seventy-nine percent of U.S. voters favor higher taxes for wealthy individuals and large corporations, while only 16% are opposed, according to a Feb. 27 survey from Navigator Research, a left-leaning polling site.

The poll — which sampled 1,000 registered voters — found this opinion transcended partisan lines, with support from 94% of Democrats, 78% of independents and 63% of Republicans.

Among Americans who said they voted for former President Donald Trump in 2020, 63% said they support raising taxes on the wealthy.

And 85% of voters who have unfavorable views of both Trump and President Joe Biden favored higher taxes for the well-off.

There was also a large difference in opinion over raising taxes among Republicans who do and do not regularly watch Fox News.

Seventy percent of those who do not typically watch Fox News favored tax increases, while 54% of those who do said the same.

Additionally, voters of all surveyed racial groups, including 85% of Black people, 81% of Hispanics and 77% of whites, favored higher taxes for the well to do.

When asked which political party is more trusted to ensure fairness in the tax code, 42% of voters, a plurality, said Democrats, while 36% said Republicans.

Republicans, on the other hand, were more trusted to handle the cost of living, receiving 44% support versus 40% for Democrats.

Further, 58% of voters are somewhat or very concerned that “Republicans in Congress passed a tax plan that gave record-breaking tax breaks to the wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations.”

A majority, 59%, also said the following statement was convincing: The “Biden (administration) and Democrats in Congress are cracking down on wealthy tax cheats by increasing the enforcement of tax laws to hold them accountable and by closing tax loopholes.”

According to a 2021 White House analysis, America’s 400 wealthiest families from 2010 to 2018 paid an average individual income tax rate of 8.2%, which is kept low by preferred rates and capital gains loopholes.

Additionally, large corporations currently pay a nominal tax rate of 21%, which was reduced from 35% by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by the Trump Administration in 2017, according to the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning Washington think tank.

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