What makes gold medal curlers John Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes such good teammates

John Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes didn’t have much time to find their groove ahead of the Olympics.

The two Winnipeg-born curlers teamed up for the first time at the pre-Olympic trials only a month before the Games after Rachel Homan, Morris’s regular mixed doubles partner, became ineligible when her team punched their ticket to PyeongChang. They hit it off instantly on the ice.

They won the trials to qualify for the Olympics and then tore through the competition, only losing once en route to the first ever Olympic gold medal in mixed doubles. In the process the two became the first Canadian curlers to take home Olympic gold twice, with Lawes also winning in Sochi and Morris in Vancouver.

The curling community is tight-knit, so it’s not like the two weren’t familiar with each other. Morris knew right away that he wanted to play with Lawes, and she just happened to be available. But in a sport where communication can play a key role, you’d think they were playing together for years.

You could feel this chemistry when they sat down with us for a chat after their historic performance in PyeongChang.

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