Making sprinkles from scratch is easier than you think


If you’re a fan of baking sweet treats, you know that sprinkles make the perfect colorful finishing touch! But did you know you can make your own sprinkles at home? Say goodbye to store-bought sprinkles, and hello to vibrant homemade sprinkles in any color you can imagine! Here are 3 creative ways to make your own sprinkles from scratch.


DIY Sprinkles Hack 1: Make Classic Sprinkles

Classic sprinkles are classic for good reason! To make them, use a hand mixer to combine one cup of sifted powdered sugar, one tablespoon of corn syrup, and one and a half tablespoons of water. Then mix in another half cup of powdered sugar and divide into several small bowls. Mix in the food colorings of your choice, then pipe the mixtures in thin lines onto a baking sheet. Leave overnight, then cut into pieces, and voila! You have classic sprinkles that look just as good as the store-bought ones!

DIY Sprinkles Hack 2: Make Confetti Sprinkles

These confetti-inspired sprinkles are so festive! Simply mix your sprinkle base using the same recipe as above, add your food coloring, then pipe the mixture onto a baking sheet in small dots. Let the confetti sprinkles set overnight. By morning, your adorable confetti sprinkles will be complete!

DIY Sprinkles Hack 3: Make Donut-Shaped Sprinkles 

These adorable sprinkles look just like tiny donuts! To make them, dip pieces of circular cereal into a melted pink chocolate coating. Then, use a toothpick to clean out the centers. Add small store-bought or homemade confetti sprinkles to the “donuts” and then use them to decorate the baked goods of your choice!

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