Mama sloth gives birth to ‘tiny bundle’ at Colorado zoo. See the ‘adorable’ newborn

A sloth was born in Colorado, and zoo officials are calling it a “huge conservation win.”

The April 19 birth of the “tiny bundle” marked the fourth baby for two-toed sloth parents Charlotte and Elliot, according to an April 23 Facebook post by the Denver Zoo.

After a neonate exam, officials were able to determine that the “adorable” baby and its mama are doing well, officials said. The baby is “nursing like a pro.”

Charlotte is able to go into her treetop habitat, so guests could get a look at her and the new baby, officials said.

Two-toed sloths are known as the “world’s slowest mammals” and weigh between eight and 20 pounds and reach lengths of 20 to 26 inches long, the zoo said on its website.

They sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day and will feed at night, the zoo said.

The zoo will conduct a DNA test to confirm the baby’s sex and then will determine the cutie’s name, officials said.

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