Man with ax tries to steal car but stops when driver starts praying, Missouri cops say

A Missouri man is facing criminal charges after officials say he tried to carjack a man with an ax, court documents say.

On Oct. 18, a 37-year-old walked up to a man getting out of a silver Audi and held up a large ax to him, according to a probable cause statement filed on Nov. 11.

The man with the ax told the driver to give up his keys, documents said.

That’s when the driver asked the man a question: “Will you pray with me?”

The driver began praying, causing the man with the ax to walk away, according to the statement.

Court records show the man has several other charges from separate incidents, including a burglary case and a robbery case that were filed on Nov. 10.

He is also charged with robbery in connection to an Oct. 20 bank robbery. Officials say he got away with $4,000 after handing the teller a note and gesturing as if he had a gun, according to court documents.

A pretrial was scheduled for Monday, Nov. 13.

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