Man dressed only in underwear punches deputy after trying to break into KC area school

A man dressed only in underwear tried breaking into a small Kansas City area school Friday morning, a spokeswoman for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said.

Staff from the Missouri City School called 911 shortly before 11 a.m., saying that the scantily dressed man was trying to break into the school at 700 E. Main St., said Sarah Boyd, a spokeswoman with the sheriff’s department said.

The intruder was able to break out glass and enter the initial entry door. The man, however, was unable to make it through the second set of doors and remained in the vestibule, Boyd said. The man never entered the school itself.

A school administrator, however, was injured as she tried to prevent the man from getting into the school, Boyd said. The staff locked down the school.

After failing to get through the second set of doors, the man left and walked down the street. A witness told deputies that he might have tried breaking into houses.

Deputies arriving on the scene tried to stop the man, but he fought the deputies, punching one of them in the face, Boyd said. Deputies tried using a Taser to subdue the man, but it had no effect on him. Eventually, they were able to get him into custody.

The man appeared to be under the influence of drugs and was not harmed, Boyd said. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The kindergarten through 8th grade school, located in Missouri City in Clay County, has a total of 19 students, according to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The district, established in 1854, is the smallest school district in Missouri, according to the district’s website.

It has survived periodic consolidation movements due to the “devotion of the local populace who are committed to having their own neighborhood school with high expectations for each child,” the district says on its website. After 8th grade, students go on to high schools in Excelsior Springs or Liberty.