Man kicked out of club for fighting opens fire from SUV, shooting 4, Texas cops say

Four people were shot when a man kicked out of a club for fighting opened fire from an SUV, Texas authorities say.

The incident began at 11:30 p.m. Saturday, March 2, when two men in their 20s were involved in a fight at the club, Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Wyatt Martin said in a news briefing streamed by KHOU.

They were asked to leave, and when they got outside, they began arguing with off-duty sheriff’s deputies who were working as part of the security detail, according to Martin.

One of the men entered a black SUV, while the other man kept trying to get back into the club, police said. A woman eventually convinced him to get into the vehicle.

That’s when the driver — the first man who was kicked out — began firing at the security personnel with a handgun, Martin said. Four people, including security officers, were struck by the gunfire.

The Harris County deputies working security were not among the injured victims, police said.

“The fact that they would shoot indiscriminately at a club crowded with people just because they were asked to leave, whether they were intoxicated or whatever, shows that they really have very little regard for the safety of the people around them,” Martin said in the news briefing.

Two of the victims were taken to a hospital for surgery but were expected to be OK, according to police. The other two victims were treated at the scene.

Police are now searching for the two men, who fled in the SUV.

Martin said the deputies did not return gunfire due to “fear of hitting innocent bystanders.”

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