Man mauled to death after jumping into lion enclosure in India to take a selfie: Reports

A zoo guest was reportedly attempting to take a selfie when he climbed into the lion enclosure.
A zoo guest was reportedly attempting to take a selfie when he climbed into the lion enclosure.

A zoo-goer in India is dead after scaling a lion enclosure in hopes of taking a selfie, according to multiple reports.

The man, 34-year-old Prahlad Gurjar of the Alwar District in northern India, was visiting the Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park in Tirupati, India on Thursday when he noticed a 12-year-old male Asiatic Lion named Dungpar on display in an enclosure, according to People.

The man, who appeared to be drunk, then decided decided to climb over the enclosure's four-foot safety wall and six-foot metal fence, despite protests and warnings from a nearby zoo employee, who was performing their routine rounds, The Times of India reported.

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Man reportedly entered lion enclosure for a selfie

In a statement provided to People by the zoo, it was said the man "intentionally" entered the habitat, seemingly intending to take a selfie with the lion.

"After seeing the human being inside the enclosure, the animal attacked," the statement said, according to People. "Though the animal keeper and other security staff nearby tried to save the person, the animal dragged the person inside the enclosure."

The Times of India reported that the man was mauled to death within 10 minutes of entering the lion's area, dying from excessive bleeding caused by his wounds. An ambulance and police were called and the lion was relocated to another holding area to allow officials to retrieve the body. The man was identified by police via identification cards found on his body and promptly notified his family.

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Gurjar's remains were transported to a government hospital for a post-mortem examination and an investigation has been launched by the police and the zoo.

"We have taken utmost precaution to prevent such incidents. We will once again review the security measures to prevent such incidents in the future,"  zoo curator C Selvam told The Times.

USA TODAY reached out to Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park for comment.

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