Man unknowingly snaps moment girlfriend’s watch gets stolen

[From Reddit]

At first glance, the photo looks like any other snap a tourist might take while on vacation. A woman stands on some steps, in front of an adorned statue, with two little girls wearing traditional Thai dress. But look closer and you’ll notice that the girl on the right appears to be playing around with the band of the woman’s watch.

In a Reddit post, the man who took the shot explained that he and his girlfriend were baffled to discover her watch had gone missing. It was only after looking through their photos did they realize who the culprit was – the little girl on the steps.

“The watch was not very valuable,” he wrote in the comments. “In fact, it was a cheap watch she bought especially so she wouldn’t have to bring her phone everywhere on the trip and still tell the time… we weren’t mad they stole it.”

[From Reddit]

He added that he and his girlfriend were “a bit drunk” and the young girls were “absolute pros”.

The shot was taken near Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, in Chiang Mai, a province in Thailand’s north. It’s a spot where other Reddit users claimed to have encountered the same little girls. One wrote that the pair were “adorable, adorable thieves”, alongside a link to a shot of them sitting on the steps.

“I didn’t suspect a thing when I saw them,” the user wrote.

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