Maple Leafs unfollow everyone on Twitter and fans are not impressed

The Toronto Maple Leafs have issued the ultimate diss to fans, some say, after the team unfollowed thousands of people on Twitter Friday.

The lone survivor was Maple Leafs' president Brendan Shanahan.

Leafs fans were quick to ask the team why they had been unfollowed. Some even referred to "shady stuff" going on.

Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment did not immediately respond to CBC Toronto's request for comment, but a new account claiming to be the "official Maple Leafs fan interaction account" has since cropped up.

The alleged new account — @TMLTalk_Leafs — is now following just over 130 people.

A post on the new account says it will allow the team to "interact with the fans more efficiently."

Still, many Twitter fans were not impressed. Some claimed to have hurt feelings, while others were calling the move an outright betrayal.

One account proposed fans retaliate by blocking the Maple Leafs from their own feeds.