Masterclasses from the Evening Standard


The time for abandoned plans and resolutions is over. We’ve curated a selection of London’s ultimate insiders: experts, business leaders and creatives. They’re here to share their secrets with you in a series of live Masterclasses, designed to help you get the most out of life and the city.

Looking to launch your own business, or maximise your earning power? Aching to pen a bestseller? Want help living life to the fullest? Masterclasses give you the tools, insights and opportunities to make it happen.

Our Masterclasses experts include behavioural psychologist Shahroo Izadi, professional introvert Richard Etienne and award-winning author Ross Raisin.

Here’s a taster of what to expect:

Business School – our specially-curated programme of professional masterclasses to help you enhance your career, launch your start-up and ensure that you don't get left behind in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. We’re offering classes in everything from mastering the fundamentals of AI, to pitching, podcasting and productivity hacks.

Life Lessons – a transformative range of classes aimed at elevating your mental and physical wellbeing. Banish impostor syndrome forever, unlock the secrets to lasting weight loss with or mastermind your personal reinvention. This is your path to a healthier, more fulfilled existence.

Creative Writing – Our classes will help you on every step of your journey towards being a published writer and, from idea to creation, to publication. Our Creative Writing school will also help you write more powerfully and persuasively in every aspect of your life. Tap into the invaluable first-hand advice, knowledge and insights from leading authors, journalists and literary agents.

Masterclass Experiences – your personal invitation to the best of life in the capital. From exclusive tours, to unique events, our experts and makers will be your cultural guides.

‘Our Masterclasses by experts, business leaders and creatives will help you get the most out of life and the city’

Our first online Masterclasses take place in June. Sign up to our newsletter here.