Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Reacher, Quantum Leap, Night Agent, Found, Magnum P.I., Chicago Med and More!

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Reacher, Quantum Leap, Night Agent, Found, Magnum P.I., Chicago Med and More!
Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on Reacher, Quantum Leap, Night Agent, Found, Magnum P.I., Chicago Med and More!

Will #OneChicago have a bit of a time jump? Where is Quantum Leap-er Ben’s “dead” body? How much of The Night Agent can fans expect from Season 2? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

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Now that we have a premiere date, I’ll take anything on any #OneChicago show. –Deb
When we ran into Chicago Med‘s Jessy Schram at a Hallmark party (where she was promoting her movie Mystic Christmas), she hadn’t seen a script yet, but she did reveal that the Season 9 premiere will feature a time jump following the finale’s odd Hannah/Archer/Sean love triangle. “I think it’ll be really interesting to see what happens with Archer and where that friendship and relationship is going. But I know that we’re going to be coming in on a different beat. We’re not picking up exactly where we left off, so there’s a bit of time that’s gone [by],” she shared. “I’d love to see what’s developed at the hospital in terms of the women care for Hannah, and then of course see where she is in her recovery. And I don’t know, maybe there’s some love interests along the way?”

Now that The Rookie cast is back on set, I wonder how many episodes we’ll get for Season 6. –Ricarda
We will have to keep wondering; ABC is being tight-lipped about the episode counts for its returning, post-strike slate.

Quantum Leap‘s Addison told Ben that they buried him. Did they bury his physical body? And if so, what are the implications of that? How could he return home? Is that why Ziggy can’t pinpoint him, because they have no vital signs to monitor? Is that what Ian is hiding from Magic and Addie, that he didn’t bury him — or that he can never return because he did? –Angel
We got your provocative Q in front of series star Raymond Lee, who responded, “I think they had a burial, but there was no body. I think they had the whole funeral. I don’t know that far ahead in terms of where everything physically would be… so I’ll leave that to the fan theories.”

Any scoop on For All Mankind? –Stephen
Dev, Aleida and Kelly’s new partnership (and acquisition of Helios) may seem like the answer to all their problems, but the teamup is also “a difficult one because there’s a lot of layers to Dev. You have to be careful which Dev you’re talking to,” executive producer Ronald D. Moore warns. “And Kelly and Aleida are cut from different cloth than he is.”

Is there any update on Heels’ search for a new home? –Steve
I asked around, and nope, there is nothing to report.

Did Freevee renew Leverage: Redemption for a third season, or have we seen the last of our grifter gang? ~HerbalMoon
I checked in on its renewal status just before the holiday, and it’s still [Crickets], sorry.

Is Reacher Season 2 set after Season 1, since [the Lee Child novel] Bad Luck and Trouble followed The Killing Floor? –L.H.
Having begun my Reacher screener binge, I can confirm that Season 2 picks up — as the title character points out in an early scene — “two years, seven months and 19 days” after the explosive climax of the Margrave mishegas. Also, for anyone who has read Bad Luck and Trouble, you may be interested to know that the inciting incident/murder has been relocated from high above the California desert to the Catskills in N.Y.

I was late to binge American Born Chinese but absolutely loved it. As an Into the Badlands fan, I would like to know if Daniel Wu will be back for Season 2. –Jesse
For starters, ABC has yet to be renewed at Disney+. But if it is…. “I’d love to be in it. I’d love to do it,” Wu, who played the lead’s father Sun Wukong aka Monkey King, told me. “At this stage in my career, 25 years in, I’m just looking for fun experiences — and this is one of the best ones.”

I know Nippon TV released more Old Enough. Any word if Netflix plans to acquire it for a Season 3 in the U.S.? –Lindsey
A Netflix rep says there is no news on that front at this time.

I was wondering, how many episodes will there be of the TV show Found? –Shauna
The (freshly renewed!) NBC drama will air its entire 13-episode freshman order, we have confirmed.

Will Kat being The Woman in White begin Season 2 of The Way Home, and then we go backwards to see how she got there? –Ivan
In the time since you mailed this Q, Hallmark shared that Season 2 starts where the Season 1 finale left off, with Kat exclaiming to Del that she knows what happened to Jacob. As Kat embarks on her quest to find Jacob and bring him home, mom and daughter will uncover unexpected revelations about their origins — raising new questions while answering old ones.

Have there been any updates about the Max original movies B Loved and Turtles All the Way Down? Both of those were supposed to be out this year, as they already filmed, and I haven’t seen anything about them. –Amanda
Turtles is currently on track for a 2024 Max release. As for B Loved — which stars Peyton List (no, the other one) and was originally slotted for a Valentine’s Day 2023 debut — to be honest, I can’t track down anyone who knows a thing about its whereabouts. But I’ll keep working the phones!

Will someone from Gen V actually get into The Seven, as the finale hinted? –Bree
“That will always be the carrot,” EP Michele Fazekas told TVLine. “It’s like, this is a thing that you want, but the carrot is interesting because the carrot’s starting to get rotten, and I think our people are starting to figure that out — which is not to say that they’re not going to take it anyway. Because if you limit their choices enough, it starts looking pretty good. But I don’t know… that’s another thing where you want to be very, very mindful of when you pull that card.”

Any update for us on The Great American Joke-Off? — Ryan V.
I asked around and no decision has been made yet on the fate of The Great American Joke Off (which is maddeningly spelled with no hyphen!).

I was surprised to see Ray Romano play a sports gambling addict in the first scene of Max’s Bookie. Any chance we’ll see more of him this season? –Riann
“In this season? No,” series co-creator Chuck Lorre tells TVLine. “But boy, I hope if we get a second season [we do]. Part of the fun of doing the series is that [Danny’s] clientele is… eclectic. I think ‘eclectic’ would be the nicest word, but ‘degenerate’ is another, and bizarre and corrupt and psychotic and neurotic. Ray’s performance was just great. It’s the first scene of the show, and I hope it telegraphs that we’re taking addiction seriously…. This is a devastating addiction, and yet, there’s comedy in this crazy world.”

Please ask Zachary Knighton: Was there any foreknowledge that NBC might not renew Magnum P.I. for Season 6 when they wrapped Season 5? Did the cast get a chance to say proper goodbyes? –Elaine
You’ll get Zach’s full response when I publish our in-depth Q&A next week (ahead of his directorial debut), but here’s a snippet: “I’ve been doing this [acting] now for 25 years and I’ve shot maybe 15, 16 pilots, and I’ve had five or six show go and they’ve all been cancelled, so anytime I’m shooting a television show I feel like, ‘This could be the end’…. Everybody [on the cast] came out a couple months ago to wrap up their places — some people bought places and are selling now, some were renting and are shipping their stuff home — and we all got together one last night and had the best night, the best dinner, everybody laughing, reminiscing about the good ol’ times…. We had a great ending to the whole story.” (Bonus “scoop”: I am told the January series finale date that some NBC blog reported is in fact not confirmed.)

Anything on Magnum P.I.’s final few episodes? –Simmi
In the series’ antepenultimate episode (airing Dec. 13 and marking Perdita Weeks’ own directing debut), we learn that Cade has been keeping something from T.C. You also get this bit of greatness from Tim Kang:

When will Season 2 of The Night Agent air? –Joann
With the strikes now over, casting has been underway in earnest, so… it’ll be a while until the Netflix hit films and returns with Season 2. But I can confirm that it will be another 10 episodes, just like Season 1.

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