Matthew McConaughey Reveals Wife Camila’s 'Most Requested' Recipes in Their Household

"We can't eat that one every night!" Matthew shared of their favorite meal in the April cover story of 'Southern Living’

<p>Gary Miller/Getty</p> Matthew and Camila McConaughey in 2023

Gary Miller/Getty

Matthew and Camila McConaughey in 2023

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves McConaughey enjoy some tasty meals at home in Texas. 

Camila shares her adventures in the kitchen, and beyond, on her website Women of Today. Now, in Southern Living’s April 2024 cover story, the married couple of nearly 12 years — who share sons Levi, 15, Livingston, 11, and daughter Vida, 14 — revealed the recipes their family loves most.

“The most requested recipe in the house for me to make—by Ma Mac and Matthew—would be the no-mayo coleslaw,” Camila told Southern Living, referencing her popular coleslaw recipe that uses olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice in place of mayonnaise.

<p>Miller Mobley/Southern Living</p> Matthew and Camila McConaughey in Southern Living

Miller Mobley/Southern Living

Matthew and Camila McConaughey in Southern Living

Their children prefer something on the sweeter side. “For the kids, it's the honey chicken," Camila added. In that recipe, wings and drumettes get marinated and baked, and then drizzled with honey before going under the broiler.

Matthew chimed in with one of their more hearty favorites. “I'm going to say one you're forgetting… stroganoff,” he said. Camila responded: "Oh yeah I forgot about that! Brazilian chicken stroganoff."

<p>Miller Mobley/Southern Living</p> Matthew and Camila McConaughey Southern Living Cover

Miller Mobley/Southern Living

Matthew and Camila McConaughey Southern Living Cover

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Matthew noted they don’t eat it as often as they'd like. "Chicken, and cream, and corn — it's sinfully good. But we can't eat that one every night," he said.

All of Camila's recipes are available on Women of Today.

The McConaugheys — who unveiled their new joint tequila brand, Pantalones Organic Tequila, in October — also revealed their favorite tequila cocktails in the Southern Living cover.

"My idea of a perfect drink: Pantalones reposado on the rocks,” Matthew told the outlet. “I will not shy away from a good margarita. I won’t at all. But because I like my tequila, I like to drink a little more of it. I like to drink it on the rocks, straight so I don’t get all that sugar content."

They announced the news of their spirits brand in the fall with a cheeky video. The pair was seen speeding off on their own motorcycles in an agave field — while not wearing any pants.

“When did tequila stop being tequila?” Matthew asked in the clip.

“Right? Where’s the fun?” Camila added.

While the two sported coordinating aviator sunglasses and button downs, the next shot revealed that that was the extent of their outfits — though the screen blurred below the belt, of course. Unfazed, they rode off on a dirt path and looked ahead.

After the McConaugheys toasted to their new adventure, the clip showed them from behind on foot as their pantsless bodies were once again blurred.

“Please do not keep yours on,” they both joked.

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