Maxime Bernier posts image of himself as Mad Max

The Daily Buzz

[From Instagram]

Conservative MP Maxime Bernier has taken to social media to embrace a nickname that has dogged him for ages: Mad Max.

In a new Instagram post, the Tory leadership candidate posted a photoshopped image of himself as the lead character from the original 1979 Mad Max film.

“You know, some people like to call me Mad Max like in the movie,” writes Bernier in the post. “They may believe it’s an insult. But let me tell you something: It’s true. I am mad! I’m mad about government waste! I’m mad about government borrowing money on the backs of future generations, to benefit big corporations!”

He’s also mad about a long list of other things, which you can take a look at here.

Indeed, Bernier has been referred to as, “Mad Max” repeatedly by both friend and foe.  And while there’s no doubt that politicians often embrace pop culture to curry favour among voters, it’s hard not to ponder Bernier’s decision to paste his head onto a cult hero played by an actor as dogged with controversy as Mel Gibson.

Here’s the original picture of Mel that the Bernier’s post was referencing:

Bernier is not shy to make pop culture references — check out this Instagram post about Pokemon.