Mayim Bialik Slams Oscar Attendees for Not Wearing a Yellow Ribbon to Support Return of Israeli Hostages

Mayim Bialik didn’t like what she saw on Oscar night.

The actress and former Jeopardy! host took to Instagram on Friday to call out the celebrities who attended Sunday’s Oscars ceremony but did not wear a yellow ribbon to show their support for the safe return of Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas.

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“Of course I have opinions about a lot of things that went down at the Oscars both on the red carpet and on the stage,” Bialik said in her post, “but here’s what I’m going to say: I sure wish every single human being at the Oscars would have worn a yellow ribbon to show support for Hamas immediately returning the hostages who have been held since they were seized from their homes on October 7- including American citizens.”

In seeming response to the celebrities calling for a cease fire in Gaza, with stars like Mark Ruffalo and Billie Eilish wearing a red pin in support of it, Bialik added: “The cease fire offer on the table demands the return of captive women, elderly, and the injured. It has been rejected by Hamas.” Her post was accompanied by a photo of herself wearing a yellow ribbon, along with the hashtag #BringThemHome.

Bialik, who is Jewish, has been a staunch advocate of Israel, posting numerous times about the crisis in Gaza in recent months. Several attendees at January’s Golden Globes, including Succession star J. Smith-Cameron, wore yellow ribbons showing support for the hostages taken by Hamas.

Bialik’s reference to what “went down at the Oscars” may also be referring to the controversial acceptance speech given by The Zone of Interest director Jonathan Glazer, who compared the Holocaust to the current conflict between Israel and Palestine: “We stand here as men who refute their Jewishness and the Holocaust being hijacked by an occupation which has led to conflict for so many innocent people.” That sparked a backlash from pro-Israel advocates who saw Glazer’s speech as blaming Israel for the war with Hamas; the film’s executive producer Danny Cohen has since said he “fundamentally disagrees” with what Glazer said in his speech.

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