McLaren ramps up a range of electric 'hyper bikes'

McLaren Automotive is parleying its reputation in the world of supercars and Formula 1 racers to build and market a range of electric mountain bikes—or “hyper bikes”—that will include four distinct models.

Among them are the flagship McLaren Extreme 600 and Sport 600 versions, which the company says are among the most powerful street-legal electric bikes available, delivering up to 852W of peak power. There are two lesser-powered bikes in the range as well; prices range from $11,950 for the Extreme 600 to $7,950 for the ‘entry’ level Sport 250.

McLaren says that these are not rebranded bikes from other manufacturers that the performance company has tweaked, but are “designed by the same teams responsible for supercars like the electrified lightweight McLaren Artura hybrid supercar.” They boast attributes such as carbon fiber construction and "five" power settings: Off, Eco, Trail, Sport, and Race (four, if you don’t count “off”). They all run on Pirelli tires. just like McLaren's cars.

The full-suspension Extreme model has a 29-inch front wheel, 27.5-inch rear wheel, 145mm of rear travel, and 160mm of fork travel. The Sport model is a 29-inch hardtail.

The bikes’ one-piece “cockpits” feature a digital display that mimics those used in McLaren automobiles. It shows telemetry information including speed, battery life and range on a full color integrated LCD panel on the handlebars.

McLaren says the bikes are to be available in limited numbers and can only be ordered through its website.

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