McLaren reveals one-off Senna-inspired livery for Monaco GP on both F1 and the road car

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McLaren is headed to Monaco with a radically new one-off race livery meant to celebrate the late Ayrton Senna, who died 30 years ago. The yellow, green and blue look is of course a Brazil reference, and it’s not just the Formula 1 car, because McLaren also created a unique livery on a Senna road car for the occasion.

Senna secured three drivers’ championships and four constructors’ championships when driving for McLaren, and this livery is an homage to the Brazilian’s racing helmet. McLaren chose Monaco to honor Senna on account of his massive success at the tricky street circuit where he won a total of six times, with five of those wins in succession. Of course, both Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri will wear unique driver suits to fit the car, giving McLaren a totally new look for the race weekend where it hopes to continue to challenge Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

In addition to the race car, McLaren revealed a Senna road car termed the “Senna Sempre livery.” Created in partnership with the Ayrton Senna Institute, this car was actually one of the pre-production Sennas used in the original launch campaign and global media drive that’s been transformed for the occasion. This isn’t just a sticker job, though, as the McLaren Special Operations team painted virtually everything you see on the car. Its look is meant to mimic the livery of the F1 car, and it does so brilliantly. Plus, McLaren goes even further by applying a unique yellow interior upholstery

One thing you can’t do with this Senna is buy it, though, since it’s technically a pre-production vehicle that will remain in McLaren’s collection. However, you can check it out in person if you’re attending this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, where it will be on display.

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