Meagan Good's friends warned her not to date Jonathan Majors

Meagan Good ignored her friends when they told her not to date Jonathan Majors credit:Bang Showbiz
Meagan Good ignored her friends when they told her not to date Jonathan Majors credit:Bang Showbiz

Meagan Good's friends warned her not to date Jonathan Majors.

The 42-year-old actress struck up a relationship with the 'Creed III' star in May 2023 just months before he was convicted of harassing and assaulting his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari and she has now revealed her pals urged her to steer clear of Jonathan because of his legal issues.

During an appearance on the 'Today' show, Meagan revealed her friends told her to "wait to see how everything kinda shakes out [with the trial]."

She added: "Yeah every friend advised me, but at the end of the day, one thing I know is I can always look at myself in the mirror when I trust my spirit, when I trust God, when I ask God, and when I move to the beat of my own drum."

At the conclusion of his trial in December 2023, Jonathan was found guilty of one count of reckless assault in the third degree and a charge of harassment as a violation, but Meagan stood by him and she has no regrets about her decision.

She added: "I can always look and say, ‘OK, I’m proud of that.’ No matter whatever happens, I have peace in my heart, and I have harmony in my heart ...

"The support that we’ve been able to give each other, the pouring into each other, the honest conversations, the love, the respect, just the care and the thoughtfulness … it’s just been really wonderful".

Jonathan's legal issues have brought a lot of scrutiny to the couple, but the 'Harlem' actress recently insisted she tries to "stay authentic" and ignore the gossip.

She told PEOPLE: “I keep my eyes on God, you know, that’s the focus. And I stay true to myself and I stay authentic. I know what I know that I know.

"And in time, everything else just catches up with what you know, if you’re true to yourself and you’re authentic.

"There’s some things you just gotta be like, ‘I ain’t got time for that. Let me go see what my nephew’s doing. Let me see what my mama’s doing. Let me go see what my man’s doing. Let me go get this job'."

Jonathan was sentenced to a year of court-ordered domestic violence intervention counselling following his conviction and he recently opened up about the effect the court case had on him.

While accepting the perseverance award at the 2024 Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards in June, he said: "I reckon folks want to know about this last year.

"As a black man in the criminal justice system, I felt anger. I felt sadness, hurt, surprise.

"When they snatched me up out of my apartment in handcuffs, I didn’t feel like all that. I didn’t feel like Jonathan Majors ...

"I felt like a little scared, weak boy. Despite the support and the evidence that was in my favour I knew s*** was bad. It was bad because of who I was and what I am.”

Jonathan also admitted to his “shortcomings” in his speech, adding: “We live in a world where men – black men in particular – are propped up as either superheroes or super villains.

"But I’ve come to realise, me, personally, I ain’t none of that. I’m imperfect. I have shortcomings, I acknowledge them. I love my craft."